Thursday, May 25, 2023

Really Random Thursday, 5/25/23

 Let's see. Where were we? Oh yes, two weeks ago...

We went to see Charlotte in her final play of the year, a set of one-act plays. She was in the play, Living in Oblivion. We can hardly believe she is soon to be a senior in high school!

The next day was Mother's Day and everyone came over for dessert in the evening. After a very warm afternoon, it was nice enough to sit outside.

Gorgeous Mother's Day tulips.
My aunt Rubena was a missionary in Japan for many, many years and had a deep love for the people of Japan. They had a deep love for her as well. When she passed away, all of her money went to a camp and a seminary in Japan. Last week, one of the directors of the seminary stopped by to meet us and express appreciation for her generous gift. He brought gifts as well, including this beautifully done version of John 3:16. My aunt made a lasting impact on many people in Japan.

While Aaron and Christa were away for the weekend, the kids stayed with us. Saturday morning, we went to see Ruby do a fabulous job of a solo tap dance.
In the afternoon, we did something I have not done in probably twenty years--we went bowling.

I'm not too bad when I bowl on the Nintendo Switch. I think I should stick with video bowling...

On Sunday evening, we were able to hear Levi give his testimony in anticipation of baptism this coming Sunday. Two of his friends are also being baptized. These guys have known each other pretty much their entire lives, so it's special that they share this major step.

Enjoy your weekend.


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Rochelle aka Bella Quilts said... #

Love all the family photos and the fun you had on Mother's Day. It is so nice that your Aunt was remembered in a lovely way. When did the kids get so big? Bowling was never my forte. With the kids the bumpers had to be up and that really helped me to get the ball down the lane. I never could get the ball to release off my fingers so I held it in both hands and rolled it down the lane. It was sloooow progress!

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

A senior! How can that be? Your grands are certainly growing up. Congrats to Levi on a significant step in his life. The Japanese scripture is lovely and such a special thing to have in honor of your Aunt. She definitely had an impact on many lives. Love your rose garden too. I'm just now getting several new perennials in the ground and this weekend I'll finally plant my annuals. Such a short growing season here.

Anonymous said... #

It is very special to witness your grandsons baptism. Very interesting about Aunt Rubenas lasting influence on Japan

Anonymous said... #

And the questions for keeping oneself sharp are brilliantly funny!

OPQuilt said... #

Wow--so many events that are all so lovely to read about. I'm glad you had a good Mother's Day, surrounded by family and friends. Love the Japanese scripture, and what a lovely tribute to your aunt. Was this your Mother's sister? Father's? And I have watched all of these grandchildren grow up, and can't believe you now have a senior. (We are not that old, for sure). I hope your summer continues in this happy way!