Friday, February 17, 2012

Farmer's Wife Friday: Clear-Eyed and Clear-Hearted

The farmer's wife this week is from New Hampshire. Like so many before her, she talks about the work that is required to live on a farm. And like those before her, she speaks quite a bit about how she finds time to read and keep "somewhat in touch with current events." In fact, she is one who will "find, take or make time" for these endeavors. She has varied interests, from dietetics to books by good authors, poets and playwrights.

She has found the close companionship and common interests that she shares with her husband, and believes the farm to be a place where "parents can teach their children the lessons of truth and right living" without the influence of outsiders.

One of my favorite parts of the letter has to do how life on the farm has taught her of God's wonderful care and tenderness. "Can we watch over the tiny seedling, the wobbly calf, the toddling baby feet, and not gain in our own souls some of  God's tenderness?"

Indeed, He cares for the birds and the bees.

#7, Birds in the Air

#49, Honeycomb

She would much rather have her daughter marry someone who is a "clear-eyed, clean-hearted, penniless farmer than a city man with a white-collar position and a large salary." (Note: It is kind of interesting that Laurie Hird, the writer of this book, listed the title of the letter as "Clear-Eyed and Clear-Hearted," but the letter is quoted as saying clear-eyed and clean-hearted. I guess it doesn't make that much difference--just kind of made me wonder which word the author of the letter actually used.)

#9, Box

#70 Prairie Queen
It is hard to get them all in one photograph!

I always enjoy Carla's comments on the week's letter, and the cheery prints she uses in her blocks.


  1. They all look great, but I think the prairie queen one is my favourite, kind of like a jigsaw puzzle

  2. they look great, I am putting these blocks into EQ, and I just came around to these blocks yesterday :-)

  3. I'm with Katie - the Prairie Queen is wonderful x

  4. I am working on Birds in the Air, too. I love your version. It is so graphic!

  5. As always, I love your blocks done up in the solid fabrics, Cindy. It's fun how we both noticed some of the same things in the letter, including the title mistake. Keep on keeping on, my friend!

  6. I knew I had seen solid fabric FW blocks somewhere and just couldn't remember where!! They are lovely.

  7. These letters are so cool to read about each week, so thank you for sharing them. All your blocks are looking so cool!

  8. Man, oh, man. It is looking so good! I love how you choose your colors.

  9. Hi I'm Reba and this is my first time to visit live a colorful life. I enjoyed your beautiful blocks. So creative and "colorful". I would love to win the threads and fabric. Thanks for the opportunity.


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