Thursday, February 16, 2012

Really Random: 2/16/12

Get ready for pictures. And more pictures.

Mark and I took Charlotte and Levi to Disney on Ice, Toy Story 3. My favorite part was the Army men.But Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head were pretty cute too. Oh, and Slinky Dog.
Super Bowl Sunday with the family. A low-key, relaxed day with all my favorite people.

Aaron and Jason played switcherooni with their little ones.

Aaron and Ruby:
Jason and Gabriel:
Everyone loves Ruby:

Look at these cheeks!
Mark and I got to have lunch with Charlotte at her school the other day--Grandparents Day--along with Debbie, her other grandmother. Fun times!
This is one of my new favorite pictures. Such a good Big Sister.

Our friends, George and Cheri, finally moved into their new home and invited us for supper. Because these two bottles amused me so much last year when the grocery store had them in a display side by side, and it was close to Valentine's Day, and George and Cheri both like red wine, these were the two bottles I chose for their housewarming.
I don't question that their philosophy corresponds to the bottle on the right. :)

But the last sentence on the label of pro-mis-Q-ous says "practice safe sipping."  That's kinda funny.

This came in the mail the other day. It's the new ad campaign from J.C. Penney. It doesn't necessarily entice me to go shopping, because I don't enjoy shopping, but I did enjoy the color layout on these two pages.
My friend, Ruth, made this super cute quilt. Some child is going to be very happy to receive
The flowers are all abloom. These are my favorite flowering trees. I can never figure out how something so beautiful could smell so awful. But it's true. They stink.
Fun mail. From Ayumi. I'm using it in the sure-to-be fun quiltalong, Sew Out Loud
Have you seen the first block? It is amazing! If you like texty fabric, you should definitely check this out.

Fun mail from two good friends. We did a charm swap and I think we are all planning on using our squares to each make a quilt, hopefully in time for when we meet again at a retreat in July. Isn't that a cute pouch Terri made? The buttons make me so happy.
And finally. Words of wisdom. Properly displayed on orange.


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Grandma G said... #

Wow, that's a lot of randomness! I especially love all the cute kiddo pics! But yes, that quilt block is indeed amazing!!

Mrs Flying Blind... said... #

All good fun - the 'take a granny to school day' sounds super!

randi--i have to say said... #

much many fun things (and people) here today! your love for your family really shows through! :)

Deborah said... #

Lots of joy in these pics. Wonderful.

Archie The Wonder Dog said... #

Wonderful post! The zipper block is fabulous!!

Katy Cameron said... #

What a fun week you've had, I would have loved to have seen Mr Slinky on ice, I'm thinking that could have been quite comical lol

felicity said... #

Always love your randoms. Almost as much as I love G's chubby, kissable cheeks!

Mama Pea said... #

Great stuff. You get the best fabrics! I saw the zipper block on Amy Friend's blog, too. Awesome. Love your post!