Thursday, May 25, 2023

In the sewing room...

 Some of the things I've been working on lately include Double Ruby Ring blocks. 

They look so beautiful together. 

My plan is to use them as the first border around this Radiant Star block.

I made two Juniper baskets (pattern by Svetlana Sotak), one for Stacie's birthday and one for Charlotte. 

Stacie's was the first item to get my new cork label. And I no longer fear installing an inset zipper.

Up next were two rope baskets, with rope from The Mountain Thread Company, which I highly recommend. I have purchased kits from them, and as a Mother's Day present, finally purchased a large spool of rope for future projects.

I'm still working at getting the base flat and more consistent sides.
Next up, the Haralson bag by Noodlehead. This was the first time I have installed a twist lock and it was a lot easier than I anticipated, thanks completely to excellent videos by Anna aka Noodlehead.

This was fun to read on Instagram yesterday.

Sew...that's what has been going on here. What are you working on?

Really Random Thursday, 5/25/23

 Let's see. Where were we? Oh yes, two weeks ago...

We went to see Charlotte in her final play of the year, a set of one-act plays. She was in the play, Living in Oblivion. We can hardly believe she is soon to be a senior in high school!

The next day was Mother's Day and everyone came over for dessert in the evening. After a very warm afternoon, it was nice enough to sit outside.

Gorgeous Mother's Day tulips.
My aunt Rubena was a missionary in Japan for many, many years and had a deep love for the people of Japan. They had a deep love for her as well. When she passed away, all of her money went to a camp and a seminary in Japan. Last week, one of the directors of the seminary stopped by to meet us and express appreciation for her generous gift. He brought gifts as well, including this beautifully done version of John 3:16. My aunt made a lasting impact on many people in Japan.

While Aaron and Christa were away for the weekend, the kids stayed with us. Saturday morning, we went to see Ruby do a fabulous job of a solo tap dance.
In the afternoon, we did something I have not done in probably twenty years--we went bowling.

I'm not too bad when I bowl on the Nintendo Switch. I think I should stick with video bowling...

On Sunday evening, we were able to hear Levi give his testimony in anticipation of baptism this coming Sunday. Two of his friends are also being baptized. These guys have known each other pretty much their entire lives, so it's special that they share this major step.

Enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, May 4, 2023

Really Random Thursday, 5/4/23

 Welcome to May in the Central Valley of California. Where it "may" be cold or it "may" be hot. The weather changes from day to day.

On Saturday, Levi had a swim meet and it was HOT! With no shade in the stands. He was swimming in the 2nd and 4th events, and then not again until the 18th and 20th. I admit to leaving after the 4th, but it was great seeing him swim in both a relay and individual event.

Gabe, who is in fifth grade and has only been playing the trumpet since the fall, was invited by his band teacher to participate in the junior high band concert last week. His band teacher sees much promise for the future. He's also a pro at silly faces.

I sent this to Christa. She dislikes Oreos (what?) but thought she couldn't help but laugh at this...

I read/listened to 12 books in the month of April. The two books by Ragnar Jonasson take place in Iceland. Turns out that the Libby app has the order of the books listed incorrectly. Nightblind is not second in the series, which explains why it seemed like a lot of the story was missing in the second book. I have written down the list so I'll read the rest in proper order. The other mystery series I'm enjoying is the Cork O'Connor series by William Kent Krueger. It takes place in the northern Minnesota area, not too far from Duluth, one of my favorite cities. Ms. Demeanor was an enjoyable romcom about two people on house arrest for minor offenses. The two books by Peter Swanson raise some interesting questions--have you ever wondered how many murderers are among us who have never been caught? Romantic Comedy was basically a behind-the-scenes story of an SNL-like show writer. It was interesting to see how the show develops in the first half of the book but I really enjoyed the second part of the book where the writer and a former host form a relationship. My very favorite book of the month was The Stationery Shop, a beautiful story about a woman from Tehran who falls deeply in love with someone she meets at the stationery shop during the revolution in 1953. She believes he has died, and she ends up moving to the United States. That is all I will say--but I highly recommend it. It is beautifully written (I recommend the audible version), so I immediately began reading the other book by the same author and am enjoying it very much.

Anyone else??