Sunday, July 31, 2022

WIP Sunday

 Caught up on Moda Blockheads 4:

Block 18, Crowning Glory, by Betsy Chutchian.

Block 19, Clover, by Robin Pickens.

Bonus Block 7, Star Turn.

Block 14/30 of Perfect Pineapple quiltalong:

July monthly fabric report:

Used up/donated: 35.75  yards (31.25 donated to MCC/NFC)
Brought in: 17.25 yards
Net: -18.50 yards
Year to date: -167.0 yards

Friday, July 29, 2022

Finish It Up Friday, 7/29/22

 Just a couple things before the month of July is over. 

We had an interesting experience the day before I left for Minnesota. A few years ago, via our homeowners insurance company, we installed a little device by a company called Ting. It just plugs into one outlet and monitors the current going throughout your home. We get alerts on our phone, for example, if the electricity is out. Which always kind of makes me laugh, because, duh, we already figured that out. 

However, in the few days before I left, we noticed that every time I used the blow dryer, the lights in the bathroom and bedroom would dim considerably. Hmmm. Wonder what that's all about. And then on Wednesday morning, I got this alert on my phone:

I called PG&E immediately to send someone out. He wondered what made us think that the problem was on their end. I showed him the above alert, showing that dangerous power was coming into our home. Ultimately, these showed up--three large utility trucks and a Ditch Witch. It was determined that we had a faulty neutral line. I think they were impressed with the Ting app, although none of them had ever heard of it. If we had not had it, I'm sure we would have wasted a lot of time and money on an electrician and who knows what else trying to figure out what the problem was. While they said our house probably wouldn't have started on fire, we could have burned out the TV, computers, etc.
So PSA: Do yourself a favor and look into Ting for your home (and thanks to Aaron for "alerting" us to it in the first place...)

Ah...much better.

We saw this at KFC the other day. I guess they have never been to Oklahoma...
I thought I'd go ahead and post the books I've read in July. However, I still have a couple of days left so maybe I'll finish a couple more.

So, let's end with some pretty flowers. Thanks, Mark.

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Sew Sisters Quilt Retreat 2022

 I was supposed to fly into Minneapolis on Monday, July 18, spend the night with my friend, Mary (on Lake Pulaski), and then head to our annual quilt retreat on Wednesday, the 20th. But sadly on Sunday, the day before I was supposed to head out, I was still testing positive. I've been told by several physicians that you can actually test positive for a long time, but you no longer shed the virus by Day 10. Sunday was Day 12. What? Because my brother-in-law, Leon, always drives me to my friend's house on Tuesday, and because his wife has been battling leukemia for 23 years, there was no way I could risk going with a positive COVID test, even if I was not contagious. So I canceled my flight, the shuttle to my hotel room, and the hotel room itself for Monday night. And then I proceeded to be very sad...I have not missed a retreat since the first year I attended back in 2010. 

Rene' and Caroline also canceled as well, which made me feel slightly better as I wouldn't be the only one missing, but disappointed. 

On Tuesday night, my test was negative. On Wednesday morning, I drove Aaron to work and he encouraged me to go. Mark encouraged me to see if tickets were still available for Thursday (which all hinged on whether Alaska Air had already returned our air miles so I could turn around the use them again), Christa said "GO!" and Levi said "Grandma, be adventurous! Go on your trip!"

My air miles had indeed been reinstated and the same flight as the original had seats available. The next hurdle remained getting to the retreat and then back to the airport on Sunday. Stephanie and Pam both said they were willing to leave the retreat to pick me up from the airport (a trip of about 1 hour and 40 minutes each way) and Amanda Jean said the airport was not out of her way on Sunday morning.

I booked the flight for Thursday, packed one project and hardly any clothes (ha!) so I could get everything in a carryon bag (something I've never done before). 

I always love flying into Minneapolis/St. Paul, so pretty and green.

Stephanie and Pam were there nearly as soon as I arrived. We stopped for dinner on the way, a place Pam chose based on the name because it made her laugh. The weather was absolutely lovely and we ate outside.

I was able to be at the retreat for two full days and Sunday morning, worth every single minute. These women are some of my best friends ever. 
Stephanie, Brianne, Pam, Amanda Jean, Mary, Terri, Doris, me

Friday night, Brianne's husband, Jeff, and sons, Jeffrey and Joshua, brought dinner. Jeff and Joshua are both competitive BBQers, learning about that made for a very interesting conversation. The food was fantastic--a new tradition. (I think this picture is from Christmas) but I forgot to take a picture of Jeff and the boys.

We had pulled pork, BBQ chicken, beans, cole slaw, and fresh green beans from Mary's garden. It was all so amazing!

Pam made cobbler (which I may have eaten for breakfast the next morning as well).

So many great projects.

Amanda Jean always works on a variety of things, usually involving very tiny pieces.

Mary worked on her Fresh as a Daisy quilt top. And did really well. Until the last block. Oops.
Stephanie nearly finished the puff quilt she is making for her daughter Elsa's high school graduation.

Brianne helped her tie it. 

Doris finished this quilt top, started many, many years ago. The gray and white stripe border was a genius suggestion by Pam.
And I made four pineapple blocks.
(I don't know why I don't have photos of what Brianne, Terri and Pam worked on...)

Mary brought the quilt she worked on last year, her Halloween quilt made entirely from Lizzy House Guising fabric.
Terri brought the quilt I made a few years ago using her precious stash of Anna Maria Horner Bohemian collection and my pattern, My Swedish Ex, appropriately named My Bohemian Ex.

Every year, I hope for a bit of rain and thunder. This year did not disappoint.

Each year, we exchange "happies," little gifts for each other. Not shown: the ginormous chocolate chip cookie made by Brianne and the homemade caramels that Mary makes each year. 
I made zipper pouches for everyone.

Amanda always brings a quilt for my bed. I really loved the one she chose this year. In fact, I'm thinking of making one just like it.
My roommates, Amanda Jean and Brianne.
Sunday morning, all packed up and ready to head out.

We missed Rene', Caroline, Michelle and Shelly so much. 

I say this every year, but I can't even begin to describe the importance of these women in my life. The biggest "out of my box" decision, to retreat with women I had only met online, turned out to be one of the best. 

Till next year, dear friends...

Leaving Seattle at 9:30 p.m. on Sunday night

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Really Random Thursday, 7/14/22

 It's been a few weeks since I've posted a "really random" and there isn't much to post about this week either. 

On July 4, I was scrolling through Facebook, and long-time friend, Tonya, posted photos of all the patriotic vignettes she had around the house. It has been my recent goal to gift a lot of my quilts, and I made a snap decision to give Tonya the Stars and Stripes quilt. I called her and asked if we could stop by for a few minutes. It was so much fun to give her the quilt, and I know it will be well loved. and we had a nice chat with Tonya and Rick.

We sat out in the yard for a while in the evening and listened to what sounded like bombs going off in the neighborhood--so many illegal fireworks. It really just made me ache for the people of Ukraine, knowing that the sounds they hear are in fact real bombs.

On Wednesday night, my throat started feeling a little scratchy. We had planned on having Gabe and Ella overnight on Friday, so I thought, just to be on the safe side, I would take a COVID test. Ugh. Positive. Mark had had some sniffles a few days before, which we both attributed to the fact that he had been pruning a dusty tree. But of course he took a test, and of course he was positive as well. 

I think I have always been waiting for the "shoe to drop," so to speak, feeling like eventually one or both of us would test positive, despite our caution and being double vaxxed and double boosted. He had really minimal symptoms. I had two days of feeling like a bad head cold but other than that, no other symptoms. The one upside to both being positive at the same time is that we did not have to isolate from each other, and Mark could continue to make the majority of the meals. Haha. We definitely attribute our light cases to the vaccination. 

Do you feel this way sometimes?
Also, this:
And to document: Mark and I went to our first protest. It's a long story but the short version is the attempt to quiet the voice of women in ministry in our church's conference. Our daughter-in-law, Christa, recently graduated with a master's in ministry, leadership and culture, and was the organizer of the protest. 

We are incredibly proud of her using her voice to stand up for what is right. 

So that's it for this week.