Friday, July 19, 2024

Sewing Room Friday, 7/19/24

A couple of weeks ago, we had a family watch party for my episode on The Quilt Show. Jessie Harper was here for the weekend and it was fun to have her here as well.

Jason brought a bottle of bubbly and we had brownies and root beer floats.

Here we are with the latest set of Instagram templates. 

My latest Echinacea blocks. These are the Out Loud colorway from 2014.

Now I'm working on the Berry colorway.

I organized my solids stash.

Made some vinyl pouches.
Finished a new quilt top. I planned on using the same layout as Welcome to London, 2x3 blocks, but instead of coordinating solids I thought I'd try all black. I couldn't figure out why I didn't like it until my friend, Amanda, said, "It looks like a checkerboard." Not the look I was going for, so I went back to the original idea.

I think that pretty much covers everything to this point. Hope you're keeping cool.

Thursday, July 18, 2024

Really Random Thursday, 7/18/24

 It's been awhile.

Catching up on my reading log from the month of June. Six books in one month is below my average. However, The Most Fun We Ever Had was a long audible book, 21 hours. And In the Woods was 593 pages. So there's that. Do not under ANY circumstances listen to the audible version of The Locked Door. In thirty years of listening to audible books, the narrator was the worst ever. And that wasn't just my opinion--pretty universal by anyone who left a review. I really enjoyed Saturday Night at the Lakeside Supper Club. This is the third book by J. Ryan Stradal that I have read and have enjoyed them all, but this might be my favorite. They each take place in Minnesota, always one of my favorite locations.

So here is where we stand with the books bracket. I had a hard time choosing between Homecoming and Saturday Night; Homecoming edged it out, but just barely. It could have gone either way.

Did you know this?

Ruby is advancing with ballet--she got her first ballet shoes. Did you know that you have to sew the ribbons/elastic on each pair by hand? I sewed the ribbons on this pair, not an easy job. Her ballet teacher encourages the girls to learn how to do it themselves. Whew! 
Gabe is nearly as tall as Aaron!

Last week I was supposed to be at my annual quilting retreat. For various reasons, I was unable to attend. But while I still thought I was going, Mark decided to book a room at our favorite hotel on the Central Coast while I was gone. He has never done anything like that by himself and I thought it was a great idea! Only then I didn't for awhile the dilemma was whether he should go alone or whether I should go with him. I really thought he should go alone but he decided that he wanted me there too. And I realized I would have been staying home in the 115 degree heat of Fresno, which sounded like a poor decision. :)

The first day was beautiful. Clear blue skies and a gorgeous sunset.

But what often happens when it is super hot in the valley is something called an inversion layer. Hot weather in Fresno means cool, foggy days at the coast. Mark and I never mind that at all. It was pure bliss to be wearing sweatshirts. But it also meant that for most of the remaining two days we were there, we often could barely see the ocean.
And also, there is a pier out there somewhere...

We left on Friday morning, and were treated to the beautiful waves once again.
We stopped at a cool coffee shop in San Luis Obispo on the way home, recommended by our friend, Kyle. Mark thinks it was originally a gas station.

It's just too hot to do anything...

Although I don't mind hanging out in my sewing room with a cup of coffee, especially in this cool mug that Aaron and Christa brought back from Nashville. 

We saw these unusual flowers while we were at the coast. So pretty.

I've always loved the movie Cars. The other day while out for my walk, I saw this Hudson down the street! Doc Hudson is one of my favorite characters in the movie, and I've never seen a Hudson for real, so this was a treat! I'm thinking of asking the owner if I can drape a quilt on the hood for some photos. 

Finally, our son, Aaron, did something quite monumental this week. He climbed Mt. Whitney, the highest mountain peak in the contiguous United States! He and three others began their hike at 2:10 a.m. and finished at 6:45 p.m., 21.5 miles. This would never in a million years be on my bucket list but I'm so proud of this accomplishment! He definitely climbed to the peak of my esteem. :)

Friday, June 28, 2024

Sewing Room Update, 6/28/24

You remember when I said I loved all the fun templates popping up on Instagram. Here is the latest batch.

This is probably my favorite so far...

I completed the Welcome to London quilt, including the label. It's a large one but I found a place to include the patches I had purchased.

My project this summer/fall is to make quilts just because I love the patterns and want to make them. Most of them have recipients in mind. I started with this Pen + Paper Patterns design called Snap Happy. Lindsey writes great and easy-to-follow patterns, and this was a lot of fun. 

Ella gave me the cutest sticker she had gotten at summer school. I added it to my sewing table. Maybe it will help with quilt math. I can only hope...

During this two-week span where my show is airing on The Quilt Show (although it is always available if you have a membership), before the next new episode airs, they advertise it in the newsletter. I'm documenting it along the way, as it will never happen again. :) Although I did get this fortune at lunch the other day... haha.

The other fun thing The Quilt Show does in the newsletter is turn quilts into digital puzzles, which they did with both Delta Breeze, Grand Prismatic and Lumos. It was fun to read the descriptions.

Someone left this extremely kind comment.

It's been a fun experience--something I didn't think I would ever say. It was so out of my comfort zone, but in retrospect, I'm really glad I didn't say no finally said yes.

I'll leave you with these thoughts...