Friday, January 31, 2014

My Favorite 31, Friendship x and + blocks for January, and a Friday finish

A few months ago, our daughter-in-law, Christa, became a consultant for a company called Thirty-One. She was on a quest to do some organization at home, an ongoing endeavor when you have three children, which translates into lots of papers from school, everyone on a different schedule, and toys here and there.

Because I know you are probably curious about the first item she was really interested in, here it is:
Hang-Up Home Organizer
This thing is amazing. She is able to keep everyone's schedules handy, along with permission slips, etc., a calendar and lots of other things that help keep a busy family running smoothly. I can see it as a great organizer in a sewing/craft room as well, to keep patterns handy, sketches of future projects, magazines--all well organized and nearby.

After finding some other  items that would really help her out, and doing a little research on the company itself, Christa decided to become a consultant. Since that time, I have become a huge fan of their products as well. So I thought it might be fun to show you some of my favorites in a series called "My Favorite 31" which will show up on the last day of every month with 31 days. I know--I could hardly believe how clever that idea was either.

I have some really fun storage cubes on their way to help keep my yarn stash and embroidery/cross stitch projects under control and handy. I had the cubes custom personalized and can hardly wait to share them with you--you won't want to miss that post on March 31.

One of my most recent purchases was two zippered containers that I'm using for ongoing projects. It's called the "Perfect Fit Organizer" (5.5"H, 21.5"W, 14"D) and it is the perfect size for storing fabric, yarn, uncompleted projects...the list could go on and on.  I didn't actually have this one personalized, but wouldn't this be a cute phrase for storing those UFOs?

I love the polka dots on the sides
The two organizers fit underneath here. I could add a lot more to each one, and I like that there is a vinyl window on the front to keep track of what is inside. They also have handles on each side which makes them perfect for taking to sew days or quilting retreats.
I also have to show you this because not only is it cute, it is also just the perfect color for my sewing room. It is the "keep-it caddy". I am keeping my friendship X and + blocks in here (see below), along with fabric I have set aside for the next couple of months of the block exchange. It just so happens that it is color coordinated with our exchange palette and my sewing room, but it comes in a total of 11 different prints. There are pockets on each long side, and mesh pockets on both ends.
 Now for the good news. Thirty-One is having some fabulous February deals!

You can get the bag I just showed you, the one storing my x and + blocks, for only $10 when you spend $35! And you can add personalization for a fun touch for only $5. That's a $42 bag for only $15! Check out the catalog here. And you don't even have to attend a party. You can place an order via Christa's link (be sure to choose the "ship directly to customer" option). Leave a comment here letting us know you placed an order by midnight PST on Sunday, February 2, and on Monday, February 3, we will choose one lucky person to receive an additional $25 to spend! (This is not a sponsored giveaway--I just really love these products...and my daughter-in-law.)

Want to see the latest friendship x and + blocks that are stored in that cute container above? You can see Carla's blocks (my fabulous block exchange partner) here.
Then, because I had such a colorful pile of scraps, including selvages, I made just one economy block. It seems like the perfect combination to me--selvages and solids. Should I continue on with different color combinations? I seriously do not need to start another project. Not that that ever stopped me...although it likely would necessitate some more storage organizers...
And because I wanted to have just one finish this week, even though it is very small, I made a little 4" economy block and turned it into a pincushion. That cute bowtie fabric is on the back.
Clearly I'm enjoying this combination of green, grey and aqua. What is your current favorite color combination? Let me know, and in a separate drawing I'll choose someone to win this pincushion.

The pincushion is small, but it is finished. So I'm linking up here, here and here.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Really Random Thursday, 1/30/14

One month of this year nearly gone already....

Deborah and I went down to southern California last weekend to attend Road2California, a large quilt show. We had a great time.

The scenery on the way was spectacular. Kidding...It is SO dry here. Horrible air trapped between mountains with nowhere to go and no rain to wash it away.
And then we got to this interchange. Stop and no-go for awhile.
Which probably prompted a "location" designation like this one:
Seen in our hotel room. Really?
I didn't take pictures of many quilts. But I'm not worried, and you shouldn't be either. Because Elizabeth always has a fabulous recap of the quilt show and it's always interesting to see her perspective. This was one of my favorites.
I met a faithful Randomeer in person. Hi, Christa!
And I had a chance to visit with a good friend. I love this picture of Molly because she laughs a lot, which I LOVE about her.
And yes, of course, an addition to the wine glass gallery.
In my constant quest to clear clutter from various parts of my life, I was going through some email and I came across this one from Terri. From July 2012. So anyway...

You can find the link here.

I want to make a quilt based on this color scheme.
Do you get quilt inspiration from clothing too?

That's it for this week. Tomorrow I'm starting a new series called "My Favorite 31." Intrigued? Come back and find out what it's all about.

Friday, January 24, 2014


This is Ruby.
She just turned 2. But when she was born two years ago, "Ruby" the fabric had just become available. I ordered it and started making her quilt. Fast forward to this past weekend when I finally finished it! Isn't it so cute?
I found the alphabet pattern here.
Every selvage was incorporated into the blocks. Can you see it there in the corner?
Flannel on the back. So soft.
Cute binding (the binding is from "scrumptuous").
The label was made from a leftover block.
And with three more leftover blocks and some extra fabric, I made a doll quilt.
Perfect for playing hide and seek with Daddy.
Happy birthday, Ruby!

Since it's Friday and I have a finish, I'm linking up here, here and here.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Really Random Thursday, 1/23/14

I have actually been doing some sewing this week. So Friday I hope you will come back to see this quilt.
I had Gabe for a little while the other morning, so we picked up Nana (my mother, Gabe's great grandmother) and headed off to the donut shop. Every little superhero should be this lucky.
Boys on the floor.
This kept me from being bored helped me concentrate during a church business meeting on Sunday.
By the way, thanks to anyone helping me reach this number.

This is me. But without the "nap" part.
Your turn.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Really Random Thursday, 1/16/14

I'm not really one who makes resolutions, but this year I decided to choose a word. Or three. I can't seem to narrow it down. I started with this one (you can check out other words here).
Then decided "aspire" was better. Or maybe "achieve." I have a list of things I aspire to achieve: To actually finish some quilts rather than just start one after another. Learn how to use the manual setting on my camera. And then become at least somewhat proficient in Photoshop. And organize all my digital photos. *sigh* I have trouble with follow through. I probably should have chosen "commit." What about you? Have you chosen a word?

I always seem to get inspired to organize as soon as the calendar turns to January. I had hung my Starbucks mug collection in the laundry room and when I started exchanging "you are here" mugs, I needed more hooks. I marked and drilled. It ended up looking like this.
 However, in the process of drilling up through the bottom of the cabinet, my drill bit went completely through the wood. Into a bottle of ammonia. Oops. I thought Mark would be kind of irritated. He just laughed. But the mugs look great, right?
We are having some electrical work done, which was not even on our radar. Until the other night when we smelled something hot and electrical. Our media power strip plug. Yikes. It was scary. We are in the process of having all the receptacles updated.
I love this picture. Our almost 2 1/2-year-old superhero grandson doing a puzzle with my 86-year-old father.
 So I was downloading all the pictures off of my iPad. I hardly every take photos with my iPad, mostly screen shots. And then forget about them. This was from a few months ago. With Captcha you mostly get nonsense words. I got this one:
Our son asked me to make a pillowcase for a college friend who is pretty much part of their family (ever since Christa was her third grade teacher). He ordered the fabric himself and everything. I found this pattern, the Bob Pocket Pillowcase Pattern by Dog Under My Desk. The pocket for a cell phone seemed perfect.
The funniest statement a few weeks ago, especially coming from our son: "Hang on, I need to check on my fabric order...."

And I'm also working on these blocks (the pattern is "Waiting" by Crazy Mom Quilts). Yay for self-threading needles to get all those threads to the other side.
 Friends invited us for dinner and this was the centerpiece. So simple and beautiful.
An Instagram friend tagged me when she saw someone had made my Neon Ninja block from the
Modern Bee book.
Mark and I went to the coast the other day as he had to meet some clients who are doing a house remodel. It was a beautiful day.
 I did a little knitting (perfect knitting bag made by my good friend using her daughter's fabric.)
 And we had lunch while watching the waves.
Since I seem insistent on taking these wine glass photos, I'm going to start a gallery at the top of the page and start documenting what and where. In the meantime, this seems appropriate:


Your turn.