Monday, February 6, 2012

The Name Game: Lily's Quilt

Hang on tight, because today Lynne from Lily's Quilts is in the building! I don't even know where to begin with an introduction.

The famous "Lynne Bob Square Pants" block
Lynne has an amazing eye for color, is an extraordinary designer, is so very generous with her creativity and has a wicked sense of humor. When I started grabbing photos from her flickr account, there were so many to choose from--she is that prolific. You should plan on spending some time going through her photostream because this is just a teensy part.

So, Lynne, how did you choose the name for Lily's Quilts?
  Although my name is Lynne, my husband has called me Lily for years and years and I cant exactly remember why.  I think it started off as a kind of old lady name in reference to the fact that I've always been a bit old-lady-ish.  I'm always cold and always wear at least two pairs of socks and at least four layers, often a lot more.  There's a big department store in the UK called John Lewis and their tagline was always "never knowingly undersold" meaning to their knowledge you couldn't find it cheaper anywhere else and Nigel has always called me "never knowingly underdressed" because, even in mid-summer, I'm layered up to the nines.  Anyway so he started calling me Lily and sometimes Lil and sometimes even Lilianthus, and I don't even know if that's a proper word.  So when, back on 1 April 2010, I sat down one evening and took that brave step to start a blog, Lily's Quilts just came straight to mind.  People in quiltblogland now call me Lily and that's fine with me because that's what I'm called at home.  
The name has worked really well for me, it's short and to the point and I think people remember it - I've used it for my blog, on Flickr and on Twitter so I always have the same name.  And when I comment on blogs, I always comment as Lily's Quilts or Lynne @ Lily's Quilts so people know exactly who they're talking to.  
Were there other names you considered, and can you share any of them with us?
Tutorial in the latest issue of Fat Quarterly
Boringly, there really were no other names on my mind - that one popped up and just clicked for me and has always felt like the right name for the blog and there is really nothing else I'd want to change it to.  
Definitely one of my new favorites!
Now that you are recognized by Lily's Quilts, are you happy with it, or do you wish you could change it to something else?

That name fell into my lap and I love it and never wanted anything else lol!

And thank you so much for inviting me!

Lynne X
If you aren't already a fan of Lynne, please stop by her blog and say hello. And if you already are a fan, I know you will want to drop by and say hello too. Spend some time checking out her tutorials and quilt-alongs She has several patterns available at the Moda Bakeshop. And she is also the newest staff member of the fabulous e-zine Fat Quarterly.If you ask me, I think she not only has extra hours in the day, she must also have extra days in her week!

Thanks, Lynne. It's been so much fun having you here today!

P.S. Want to see my all-time favorite? This is a quilt Lynne made for her sister--blocks based on Penguin book covers. Genius!


  1. I'm not sure words describe how awesome I think Lynne is!! And I totally agree that quilt is amazing! :)

  2. Lynne is just one of those amazing quilting blog forces on the internet and it's a pleasure to 'follow' and chat with her - just imagine how deprived we'd all be without the net and quilting influences like Lily's Quilts (to name but one)

  3. Gotta love Lynne. She's totally nuts but completely lovely :-)

  4. Lynne is one of my favorite blog stops. :-)

  5. i love lynne's blog! she is so inspiring!

    and i love how she came up with her blog name. so fun!

  6. Always fun to hear from Lynne, she is a very talented lady!

  7. Lynne is so talented that it's a good job she's also lovely - it would be very easy to hate her *wink*

  8. Well there's another question answered! Love Lynne's work :o)

  9. I have a bit of a menomance crush on Lynne .. she inspires me even when she has no idea that she is ...

  10. The funniest story about Lynne's blog name is that I thought I had two new friends, one named Lily and one named Lynne for about 6 months! Of course, totally smitten by each and every quilt she makes.

  11. Lynne is a genius. And also hilarious. Thanks for the profile!

  12. Thanks for shining the spotlight on one of my favorite people in the blog world. Not only is Lynne incredibly talented, deviously funny, and absolutely inspiring even while being matter-of-fact about being all of those things, she is also quite nice. What a disarming combination.


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