Friday, July 14, 2017

Really Random (Friday), 7/14/17

Welcome to July.
Mark and I started the month by driving up to Kings Canyon, which is such a short drive--a little over an hour--and we always wonder why we don't go there much more often.
We ate a picnic lunch, read, and played one of our favorite games--Shut the Box.
There is a new restaurant by the visitors center and we wanted to try it out before we drove back to the heat of the valley. It's very nice. We found out they had just opened two nights before.

They were short staffed (on a holiday weekend!?) and our waitress decided to save time and just bring our drink refills at the same time as the original drink. Whatever...
Sewing has been happening--and not all of it by me.

Stacie and I did a sewing project together.

When I was in Morro Bay, I met the creator of Tubby Wubbies,  little felt critters that come with everything already cut out--even the needle is already threaded! I couldn't resist buying a few of them--they are super cute, and a fun project for a hot afternoon.

I was so proud of how they turned out.
I'm making so much progress on my hexie quilt.

 All the fabric in the quilt is designed by Denyse Schmidt. So when she left this comment on my Instagram post, I was thrilled.

This was on Marie Bostwick's instagram feed. Haha.
We had "the littles" all day Sunday. It was hot. So for part of the afternoon, they chilled and watched a movie. Don't ask me why they are covered in quilts.
Then we decided to go to one of the water parks. It wasn't working at full capacity, but there was enough water to get a little cooler.
We ended with shaved ice--although it sure wasn't as tasty as what we had a couple of weeks ago.
Mark meets a friend every Monday morning at a small locally owned restaurant called Benaddiction, for breakfast and to talk football. His friend is in Hawaii this week, so he took me instead. All the things on the menu are named after rock songs. And the food was so good. This is the only place that Mark drinks coffee--I'm going to have to get a French press for home. I sure hope to be invited back. :)

Do you all head over to 7-11 on 7/11 from 11-7 for free Slurpees?
And there you have it. We are caught up.


  1. I hope that you guys would have the best time with your family and would have enjoyed well with each other.
    Emma Charlotte |

  2. We can relate to living so close to mountain getaways and not going as often as we should. That's why it was nice to be in the mountains for a whole week during the wedding. The little Tubby Wubbies are adorable project for your grandies. Lastly . . . your hexie quilt is positively stunning!!! This is the only quilt I'd have on my bucket list if I had a bucket list. Can't wait to see it all finished. Then you can start one for me right?


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