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My maternal grandmother was a seamstress. While she did make several quilts, what I remember most about her were her dressmaking skills. I’m not sure that I always appreciated how truly skilled she was, especially during those teenage years when I longed to wear something purchased from a store. When my parents got married, my mother and grandmother went to the bridal store and looked at wedding dresses until they found one they liked. My grandmother found a similar pattern, purchased the fabric, went home and made a beautiful dress. 
Twenty-five years after my mother wore it for her wedding, I wore the same dress for my wedding.
I like to think that I inherited my love for sewing from my grandmother. I started by hand sewing a large wardrobe for my Barbie doll, then moved on to making my own clothes, mostly out of necessity because it used to be so much cheaper to make than to buy. Then I kind of left sewing behind and embraced a lot of other things—needlepoint, cross stitch, china painting, scrapbooking, knitting, crocheting—you name it, I probably tried it. But nothing ever really “stuck” for very long.

Coming from a rich heritage of quilting in my Mennonite Brethren background, nearly twenty years ago I thought it might be fun to give quilting a try. From that very first quilt, I knew I had truly found my passion.
Double four-patch, completed February 1996--oh how I agonized over choosing the four fabrics in this quilt!

I love everything about quilting—dreaming about design, playing with color, the tactile nature of playing with fabric, I love it all.
 Marcelle Goes to the Circus, October 2013--my current favorite
Amish Stars, April 2014 
I started Live a Colorful Life as a way to document my quilting journey. Along the way it has also become a way to document my life for my grandchildren. I hope this gives them more insight into who I am,  what makes me happy, and lets them also know how much I love them.

I also hope to inspire you to look around, at fabric or yarn or flowers or art—and to savor whatever adds color to your life.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Thanks for the peek inside your past. How wonderful to have a heritage of sewing in your family.

  2. Hi Cindy. I love your quilt " Just point me in the right direction" I am putting together a new workshop on borders and have been searching modern quilts for bindings that visually act as border to capture and contain all the energy within the central composition. Would you allow me to use your quilt as an example? I would need a full JPEG of the quilt and any info about you that you want included on the slide. My web site is www.kathymcneilquilts.com and my e mail kathymcneilartquilts@gmail.com. This workshop is sold out at the AQS Paducah show and I am so excited about sharing some of the most unique and interesting quilts. Thank you so much Kathy

  3. My grandmother was also a seamstress. Her specialty was wedding dresses. My sister still has my grandmother's wedding dress. I also wore my mother's wedding dress for my wedding. I have enjoyed quilting for several years for all the reasons you mentioned - it's so therapeutic.

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  8. My aunt found a quilt on your blog and wants me to make one for her. It’s a red, white and blue quilt with a multitude of different Star patterns and shapes in it. I’d send you a pic, but Idk in this format. My email is PTQuilterOriginals@gmail.com. I hope you reply, as I’d rather buy/use someone’s pattern than design it myself; there are some Star shapes on it that I’ve never seen before. Thank you in advance, Diana Longhenry.


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