Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blogging for Bucks

So what happens when you are trying to get your etsy shop going and then one of your favorite blogs decides to accept ads? Well, if you think the items in your etsy shop and the blog are a good fit, you make contact. And we are nothing if not chic entrepreneurial....

Christina was exceedingly patient with me. I told her we planned on adding a lot more items to our etsy shop. (uh, three little pendants....not really enough things to choose from). But time was working against me. I needed a couple of weeks but I still wanted to be at the top of her list. (Yep, ask for it all....) We worked the timing out and then she emailed me last week, saying, "Just send me your button as a jpeg and I'll post it." Huh?

A couple of months ago I had an etsy seller create a new banner for the blog and the etsy shop, along with a couple of avatars. Would those work? Nope, not the right size. So I contacted her again and for a whopping $4 she created a cool new button, which I then emailed to Christina, who posted it.

Ta da! Monday morning we got our first sale.

So check out Christina's cool blog, then click on our button (fourth from the top) and check out our etsy shop. I KNEW there was money to be made in reading blogs!