Thursday, August 27, 2009

My head's in the clouds

Little Spouse on the Prairie (which makes me smile every time I say it...) did a post on clouds and asked others to share their cloud pictures. Here is my contribution, taken at Lakeview Cottages in June, actually on our anniversary. The story behind this picture is that Mark and I, Aaron, Christa, Charlotte and Levi had been at the cottages for the weekend. I was staying up at Lakeview for the rest of the week, and they were all going back down to Fresno, but first we were going to stop at a restaurant on the other side of the lake and have an anniversary dinner (ours on June 8, Aaron and Christa's on June 10). Well, it was Monday and early in the season, and none of the restuarants were open. I sadly turned my car around, to go back to my cabin and eat alone, as they all continued on to have dinner together someplace closer to Fresno. When I got back to Lakeview and parked my car, I looked across the lake and this was my view. How majestic. And how quickly my mood improved.