Monday, February 15, 2010

Sometimes the World Wide Web is really just a small neighborhood

I read Kerri's blog regularly and I have placed several fabric orders with her (she has an amazing amount of Heather Ross fabric that is hard to find) and lots of great fabric in pink, red and aqua.

The colors in her awesome banner really give a clue as to who she is and what colors she loves. So when I was surfing around etsy the other night, specifically looking for "original fabric," I found Tasha's shop and then her website.

This is Tasha's original fabric, and yes, of course I ordered some. I even broke my self-imposed fabric-buying moratorium to purchase some. (Here's the thing about self-imposed moratoriums: it's really easy to overrule the person who issued the moratorium in the first place...)

All you have to do is look at what she offers for sale in her shop or read her blog so see that Kerri and Tasha needed to "meet" each other online.

So I sent Kerri an email basically saying, "Hey, you have got to check out Tasha and her fabric! You will love the colors..."

And Kerri emailed me back saying, "Thanks for thinking of me, and emailing me!. Yes, Tasha is actually my sister in law! She is very talented!"

It's a small world afterall...(and, yes, I do apologize if you'll be singing that song all day long now).


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ilovebabyquilts said... #

Too funny! I love Kerri. I'm posting a tribute to her right now.

Kerri said... #

you are so sweet! :)

Terri said... #

Ha ha this is great. I get to meet kerri in 10 days for our sewing retreat. She is very inspiring. I do not know how she does what she does running a business and sewing beautiful quilts and raising 6 little ones. Thats true talent!

PS. I actually have five colors of that fabric on my quilt block and would be happy to send you some scraps if you let me know what color you already have.