Friday, December 17, 2010

Harmonious Holidays

Can you believe in seven days it is Christmas Eve? With that thought in mind, Mark and I decided to head to the coast. Where it is expected to rain all weekend. But it is also expected to rain here in Fresno. So Mark is taking some work along, which he would be doing in his office on Saturday anyway, and I'm taking my sewing machine. And we'll make plenty of time to just relax and enjoy looking at the Christmas tree that is  located at the end of the pier.

(photo found here)

Has anyone out there been watching the Sing-Off on NBC? It is the second season--Mark and I totally missed the first season, and this is a really great show. Acapella groups are competing for the big prize. These groups are all amazingly talented, and there are no instruments to fall back on so their voices have to be top-notch. It's only a five-episode season and the finales are on Monday night.

If you are not totally tired of Christmas music by now, I highly recommend  Harmonies for the Holidays, with songs from the contenders. A lot of the groups are gone by now, as only four groups remain for the finale. You can listen to cuts and then go to itunes for the download. (Sorry if this sounds like a Christmas commercial, but the music is really good and it's keeping me in the Christmas spirit.)

Have a warm and wonderful weekend.

P.S. Note to Aaron and Christa: As an early gift from Santa, $7.99 has been deposited in your paypal account so you can download this CD. I guess now I'll know whether you read my blog or not (wink, wink).


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Anne at Film and Thread said... #

Love the tree on the pier! When we lived in CA, they used to have a helicopter go overhead pulling a lit Santa and his reindeer on Christmas eve. It was so fun to see. Do they do that up by you?

Terriaw said... #

Sounds like you have a wonderful weekend planned! Enjoy!

I cannot believe Christmas is a week away. I have not even started Christmas shopping, which is so unlike me! Every year I say I'm going to do all our shopping online in October; yet here I am, totally not ready.

Kris said... #

I love the Sing-off! It's been especially fun this year with my friend's sister in one of the groups (the Backbeats)

Needled Mom said... #

The beach can be really pretty during a storm too. Glad that you brought the machine to keep you entertained while enjoying it.