Monday, October 14, 2013

Modern Bee: My Quilt is in a Book!!

When I received an email from Elizabeth a couple of years ago, inviting me to join an online bee, who could have predicted that it would ultimately result in a book?!

Lindsay Conner was one of my bee mates (she blogs here at Lindsay Sews and Craft Buds). She suggested submitting a book proposal. And here is the result.

Lindsay did a wonderful job with this book. Whether you have wondered what bees are all about, would like to organize a bee, or just want to be a better bee member, the information is in this book.

I'm so happy to have been included in this group, and my quilt even made the cover--the second one from the bottom--it's called Neon Ninja Stars.

I might like the back nearly as much as the front.

Besides all the information on bees, there are beautiful quilts in this book, with something for every skill level.

If you want to pick up your own copy, here are the details:
Book Title: Modern Bee—13 Quilts to Make with Friends 
Lindsay Conner (Lindsay Sews and Craft Buds)
Amazon short URL:
Book website:

Want to see a cool video about the book? Go here.

Be sure to check out all the stops on the Modern Bee blog tour. Not only will you see some of the other quilts, you have a chance to win prizes at each stop!
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Would you like to win a copy of Modern Bee? To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment on this post telling us about your quilting bee, what you're currently sewing, or something you learned about the book!

We'll choose one random winner to receive a hard copy of the book! If winner lives outside the U.S., they'll receive a copy of the e-book. Giveaway ends October 18, 2013. Good luck and thanks for stopping by!


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Susan said... #

WOW! Congratulations on your inclusion in a book! Your Neon Ninja Stars is fabulous!

Wendy said... #

Love your quilt. In fact, I love all the quilts in this book. I'm currently working on a wall hanging - my first ever paper piecing project

Lucy | Charm About You said... #

Congratulations!! Love the Neon Ninja Stars and such a great name! I'm currently in two bees and learning a lot.

JoyceLM said... #

My 3 sisters & I have a kind of quilting bee. We live in 4 different states & keep connected through block swaps, round robins & we're planning on making a group quilt. Thanks.

Jess @ Elven Garden Quilts said... #

Congratulations! Your quilt is fab. I'm in three bees right now and am perpetually behind...

Lee said... #

My best friend and my daughter and I get together and quilt - its fun! I would love to join a bigger bee - the book looks great! thank you!

Anonymous said... #

I just joined my first bee so this book would be helpful to me!

Lisa England said... #

I am currently sewing lots of gifts to give at Christmas!

Joyce said... #

I have learned that I need to try this ...ASAP!

Ellyn said... #

I've been eyeing up this book, I want to start a bee with my friends & I think it would be a great resource. Love your quilt!

thequiltedmitten said... #

Right now I'm working on a Jumbo Bowtie Quilt in autumn colors. I finished piecing the center this weekend, and now all that is left are the borders!!! Thanks for such a fun giveaway!

Georgi said... #

I've never been in a bee, but it's on my bucket list! Currently working on Christmas tree skirts for our 4 daughters ~ this is my first year giving quilty things, so I hope they turn out! Thanks for the chance ~ fingers crossed!

Gill said... #

I love Neon Ninja Stars!
I've just joined a new local quilt group so I'm hoping we can start a bee!

cynthia said... #

The book looks great, and I like your block! I am hand-piecing Green Tea and Sweet Beans by Jen Kingwell, and hand-quilting the Liberty Fields quilt from the book Material Obsession.

. said... #

Great job! The book looks wonderful. Thanks for the giveaway!

Cheryl said... #

What a beautiful quilt! I am working on a Christmas quilt right now, trying to get a jump on the holiday sewing.

Deb said... #

No, I've never been in a bee but sounds like a fun time with quilting friends! I'm working on my local quilt shop's block of the month right now, and that's about it - one block a month. I need to get busy on something else!

Lorna McMahon said... #

Congratulations on your Neon Ninja Star's inclusion, Cindy!

B Greene said... #

I love that so many of my favorite bloggers had a part in this book - so creative and inspiring!! Congrats and thanks for the chance to win!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said... #

One of the nicest people I know invited me to join a bee called Mid-Century Modern and it has been so much fun!!!!

Whit said... #

AWESOME! Thanks for a great giveaway! I'm working on a lap quilt at the moment!

lesleyana said... #

i am new to sewing so definitely no quilting bee yet.....maybe some day.

i am currently working on a small quilted pet mat - my first attempt at "quilting".

Cynthia Brunz Designs said... #

Congratulations! I have been hesitant about joining a bee due to the time commitment. Maybe someday.

Carla said... #

Bought this book the minute it landed in the shop. If I win, I will give away my copy. Today, I am sewing your blocks : )

Toni said... #

AWESOME Cindy!!!!!!! How exciting and wonderful quilt!!! Miss you! :-)

Teresa S. said... #

I don't belong to a bee, but I love reading the blogs about them! I'm currently working on a floor quilt for a mom who is expecting triplets.

OhioLori said... #

This book looks Awesome!!! Have never belonged to a Bee.....know would be such fun tho!!

Kinda new to easy is my I just finished a 1/2 Squares Triangles Quilt, and starting a D9P now......

Alissa said... #

I'm currently sewing my daughter's Halloween costume. The book looks so fabulous!

Lisa said... #

I love your quilt that was in the book, I'm a sucker for bright happy colors! I'm just finishing up a needlebook for a swap and several bee blocks. Next up is to finish a throw quilt for my brother-in-law.

Anonymous said... #

I'm currently sewing a sweets themed quilt for a single size bed

Sonia B said... #

When life settles down a bit, I'm looking forward to joining a bee. Thanks for the chance.

Marilyn S said... #

No, I don't belong to a bee, but it could be lots of fun. I love your quilt!! I need to get busy with my stash and make something wonderful, too!

Tamie said... #

I'm in a local bee that is still going on and I just finished another local bee. Now just to get my tops together and quilted.

Tamara Hampton said... #

I have never participated in a bee, not sure what who how... and omg... deadlines! but i am getting a bit more confident and would love to try one.

Stacy said... #

I have never been in a quilting bee before but it sounds like so much fun! I am working on a picture quilt for a friend right now.

Unknown said... #

I was in a quilting bee with the church a long time ago, but now I'm in a family one. My daughter and two grand daughters, ages 8 and 12. We're making couch pillows, kids TV quilts, and a surprise for momma (my daughter).

Coser Tejer Crear said... #

Our Quilting Bee is called La Tela Viajera and its based in Spain. We started off as a fabric swapping group on FB but it has grown into something wonderful! We started in October and we are sooo excited! I would love to win the ebook so we can do a Spanish version of the quilts in it!

Cathy O said... #

Amazing and so proud of you! The book looks fun and would love to read through it. I am motivated by groups doing stuff together so a quilting bee would be my "cup of tea"! I have aspirations to do more sewing and quilting in my future retirement.

mvink said... #

Awesome!! I am currently working on an english paper piecing project :-) its a small wall hanging / table runner

Christine S said... #

Congrats! I'm finishing up a crib set, just have binding on the quilt left :)

Molly said... #

so exciting, can't wait to get my hands on a copy! Congrats!

Julie said... #

No quilting bee yet but am hoping to be in one this winter. Congrats on the book. Can hardly wait to see it.

Diane M said... #

Congratulations! Your quilt feels so lively and fun. I love it! Thanks for the chance to win a copy of this book.

Farm Quilter said... #

Love your quilt!!! Congrats on the great book too :) My bee is getting ready to do a row quilt in 2014.

Shanny said... #

You book looks great! I do not have a bee that I am in-- but I would love to! Right now I am working on an ISpy quilt that will be a gift for my nephew.

KellyS said... #

I am currently in three bees and love my Redbird gals the most. Of course they are my guild friends, so it's much easier to get to know them when you see them monthly. We are about to start our third year as a bee and next year are going to make traveling quilts.

charlotte l said... #

This book looks awesome. I've always wanted to be in a bee. Hopefully soon. Im working on a vintage sheet quilt for my guilds challenge quilt this year.

Susan at said... #

I do not want to be included in the give-a-way, but I did want to say CONGRATULATIONS! :)

Vicki said... #

I have yet to be part of an official 'bee'! Sounds like a lot of fun. Congratulations of your part in this new book!!

Katy Cameron said... #

Awesome bee, and awesome quilt! Congrats to you all :o)

schmidt1016 said... #

I've never participated in a bee, virtual or otherwise. I guess I'm not much of a joiner. Currently, I'm finishing a quilt for my sister. I have to assemble the back yet before I can get to the real work. Your quilt looks neat, and I love the name.

Terri said... #

No need to enter me into the giveaway. I hardly ever have time to sew, and the last sewing bee I tried was kind of a bust. I just wanted to say congrats to you! Cool quilt.

Cecilia said... #

I meet with a group once a week and we work on charity projects once a month. I have learned a lot from the ladies in this group and look forward to it each week. I love your star quilt. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the book.

Sonya said... #

I haven't had the privilege of participating in a quilting bee, but I do quilt. Right now I am finishing up a quilt for my daughter, and starting one for my aunt. I would love to win this book!

leanne said... #

I've got a couple of great quilts from being in bees - I'm also currently in a do.good stitches bee with a wonderful and chatty group of aussie girls :)

Lisa E said... #

I'm currently sewing some drawstring bags. Looks like a great book.

OPQuilt said... #

Congrats Miss Cindy! Your quilt is fabulous, as are you! And thanks for your listening ear tonight :)


Celtic Thistle said... #

Congratulations Cindy, what a brilliant book to be part of. I have one block to make and will then have finished my third Bee. The Bees have been fun and have really pushed me to try things that I would never have tried. I can definitely recommend joining a Bee.

Anonymous said... #

Congratulations Cindy! Since I injured my back in September I haven't been sewing at all.:( I would live to win the book and start a new quilt when I am better.

Megan said... #

Congrats on being published! I'm currently sewing a Halloween quilt... and I have to finish it soon!

Gooba Designs said... #

Congrats on having your quilt in a book...yay! Love the book... have never been in a bee before, but it sounds super fun! Currently sewing Halloween costumes for the kids. Thanks.

jenniferingalls said... #

I would love to have a copy of this book! I am currently working on an x and + quilt.

Anonymous said... #

I have never been part of a bee but there is a group of ladies that meets at the library (when I am at work) to work on handcrafts. Sounds like it might be fun.

Sewbig said... #

I have not been part of a bee, but the blog posts and book have made me very interested. I am working on a French braid wall hanging.

EmileeHope said... #

I am trying yo get a Halloween quilt finished...hopefully I will get it done in time to curl up with after trick-or-treating this year!

Catherine said... #

Congratulations! It looks fantastic.

I'm working on a tablerunner in fall colors (finally put away my aqua & pink! ;) ).

Shanna of Fiber of All Sorts said... #

What a fantastic job of you and your beemates.

Im in groups now doing more than just a blick. It's been fantastic

Canadian Abroad said... #

I am so lucky to be part of Brit Bee which brought together twelve strangers and created the best if friends, all of whom have met face to face now. We are entering round three and starting medallion quilts to the same pattern original to us, with everyone adding part of the pattern to each members quilt top. It will be wonderful to see twelve quilts made the same but in different palettes with different central stars in just over a years time. Getting into a good bee is the best experience ever! Thanks for the chance to win.

April Shae said... #

I am not a member of a quilting bee. But I did participate in a "birthday block" once. I was actually very disappointed. The blocks (pattern + fabric) that I supplied the members were either not done, lost, or the seam allowance were so off I couldn't use them. Not sure I will try that again!!

Tricia said... #

I don't have a Bee, but I'd like to get involved in one!

Maria said... #

My local guild is trying to get a couple of bees off the ground, but it's a struggle I can't wait to read the tips in the book about getting a bee that's a good fit!

Alli Forsyth said... #

I've had my eye on this book!! I'm currently in a quilt group participating in a round robin. It has been so much fun!

Jacklynn Grimm said... #

I am currently sewing a Halloween table runner - hope to finish it today so that I have a few weeks to enjoy it. Thanks for the give away!

Jessica Young said... #

That's is so great that your quilt ended up in a book! I am currently straight line quilting my first queen size quilt. It has been a LONG process because I have very little sewing time. And to give myself a break from that project I'm also working on 2 others. I'm

kbo said... #

I really like the back of Neon Ninja Stars, it inspires me to create my current quilt back as exciting as the front. Nice work and blog tour.

Barb in Mi said... #

The book and blocks inspires to get some friends together and do a community / bee project. Have not yet joined a Bee since I feel a bit intimidated and that my sewing is not good enough... Thanks for a chance!

Anonymous said... #


Anonymous said... #


Savannagal said... #

I'm not part of a quilting bee, but I recently found out that there is a modern quilt guild right in my town. So I am planning to check them out at their next meeting. Hopefully you can get my email address from my being logged into Google. I just don't know how these things work. Thanks.

Am L said... #

I'm excited to pick up your book. My LQS, Intrepid Thread, has it in stock, and it is through Julie's post that I learned about it. I've never done a quilting bee, but it looks fun. I currently have five projects going, and I need to finish three of them by Christmas. Eek! Thanks for the giveaway, my fingers are crossed!

robin said... #

I have never been part of a bee. As a newbie quilter I've been learning from blogs and books. This book would make a welcome addition to my new hobby!

Jana O'Brien said... #

I have never been part of a Quilting Bee before, but love seeing all of the things that people are doing for their Bee's. I love this book from what I can tell it gives you some info. about Quilting Bee's as well as some great patterns. I currently have several WIP that I need to get finished before I start something new.

Nita said... #

I'm currently in the 3x6 bee, working on a blue & white sampler quilt :)

Kim @ TiesThatBindQuilting said... #

This book looks awesome! I've never done a quilting bee but I think they look really fun! I'm currently working on a quilt for my cousin's baby and one for my sister as well as a Christmas quilt along I'll be keep for myself!

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

Love it Cindy and the back is fantastic! Congrats on the book. Thanks to you I'm in the midst of my first bee and have joined another. So fun meeting new people and getting to know them.

Riain said... #

I'm in a few online bees, and recently just joined one with my mom. I love spending one or two Sundays a month at her place out in the woods, sewing up a storm and working on bee blocks together. It's pretty terrific.

Congrats on your gorgeous quilt! Love the solids.

Jodi said... #

I recently joined the RI Modern Quilt Guild and we're going to start some bees, round robins, etc. So exciting!

Annette said... #

Just sewing for Christmas giving right now! Better get working. Some of these designs look interesting for gift-giving!

Michele T said... #

I have never been in a quilting bee but it sounds like fun! At the moment I am making a car quilt. This book looks amazing!!

Melissa said... #

I'm currently in an online and am having a lot of fun. My current quilt projects are a EPP hexagon quilt and a star quilt.

Margaret said... #

I have never been in a quilting bee but it sounds like a lot of fun. I have loved seeing the designs in this book. I am working on a quilt right now that i digitized some artwork . I put a lattice border around them and the first border is colorful flying geese. I am in need of a second border and found some interesting blocks in this book

Rhonda D. said... #

I quilt at church. The ladies meet twice a week. Thanks for the chance to win!

Unknown said... #

I do not belong to a bee, I quilt with my daughter. I am working on some baby quotes.

jessica said... #

I've never been part of a bee, but I enjoyed spending time with my aunt and her group growing up. I spent summers with her and it was fascinating seeing them work together. I am currently making my daughter's first Halloween costume. So much fun! Thanks for hosting! :) mfrapp_83 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Kathy E. said... #

I am currently working on an owl quilt for a future grandchild! I have just the binding left to put's my least favorite part. Ugh!

Anonymous said... #

Still working on my first quilt - Streak of Lightening.... She is so lovely in the pinks. And coming together with just the right pizzazz!!!

annette lee said... #

hi! i'm loving the book! I don't belong to a quilting bee or have a quilting buddy. I have yet to make my first full-size quilt.

Sarah said... #

Ilove your ninja stars. Solids are da bomb.

Susan Stanton said... #

I belong to a quilting bee that meets once a month. We donate community quilts to agencies that help those in need.

Carla Keahey said... #

Oh my goodness, that quilt is GORGEOUS! I love the bright bold colors. Lovely. I am working on a wall quilt right now in some shades of red.

hafza said... #

I've never been part of a quilting bee so far. Currently I hand quilting one of my UFO quilt. Hope to finish by December.

Sandy said... #

I sew mostly two nights a week at Guild initiated open sewing nights. There is a core of regulars both night, but new people add themselves regularly.

meshellay said... #

I just handed out bee block packages, so excited to see what everyone puts toether.

Debbie said... #

Very cool! I'm so pleased for you!

Betty said... #

You must be giddy with excitement - this is SO cool!!!! Love the book, the video, the group - clearly I need to get myself into a Bee. The quilts are perfect - would love to win a copy of the book!

Michele said... #

I can't wait to get my hands on my own copy of this book. It looks fantastic. I haven't joined a bee yet but I so want to in 2014.

SewLindaAnn said... #

I just joined a local bee and am attending a class on Spiral Quilts with RaNae Merrill.

Toohey said... #

The quilts looks beautiful. Thanks for the giveaway

Jess said... #

I'm part of do. Good Stitches, so this month we are making a charity quilt using yellow and white/off-white HSTs. Should be very cheerful! Thanks for the giveaway!

Linda V said... #

I am currently finishing up a baby quilt that the colors and theme were matched to a wall mural on the baby's wall. Thanks

Lori said... #

I don't belong to a bee right now. But right now I am making table runners for friends and family for Christmas.

Melody said... #

I'm not in a bee. But it sounds like fun.

Teje Karjalainen said... #

Hi! I love your quilt! Fantastic pattern and colours of course! This goes to my list! Thank you for a great give away - that book looks exciting! I just finished small quilt and now I want to try if one new idea works. x Teje

Unknown said... #


Do your grandkids like the "Piggy and Gerald" books? They are by Mo Willems. There is one book called, "We are in a book!" Your blog post title reminds me of that book. ;) They are SO fun to read, if you haven't seen them I recommend that you check them out!

mammas pearls said... #

Thank you for this opportunity to win a beautiful book!

Carla G said... #

I'm currently sewing some pants for my son. Thanks for a chance to win! :)
bcgeates at gmail dot com

Candace said... #

It will be fun to sew something from the book. I am sewing Ohio Star quilt blocks for a Friendship Block Exchange.

Patti said... #

I've just finished putting my quilt together from the Simply Solids: a modern {bee}. I loved being part of this fun bee with so many talented quilters! Thanks for the giveaway.

ChristaQuilts said... #

Congrats! That's "sew" awesome! I want to be like you when I grow up, LOL!

Unknown said... #

Now I'm making a quilt in red and black, very, VERY peppy:)

Shawna said... #

Congratulations on having your beautiful quilt in this book! I have not been part of a Bee yet but will get this book before I do! Thanks for a chance to win.


Lydia said... #

Not in a bee yet, but I might have to start one. This is a crazy fun idea.

Manuela Sattler said... #

Thanks for the opportunity to get this wonderful book. I would love to be part of a quilting bee.

Needled Mom said... #

Wow....great work on Ninja Stars. Congratulations! I've been working on halloween costumes this week. No quilting for me.

Jo said... #

Great quilt. I would love to take part in a bee one day.

bloggermomma said... #

I have been working on small projects, I am a beginner, to make my pieces look better once finished.

Katy said... #

I'm working on my very first full size quilt!

CitricSugar said... #

Woohoo! I missed the giveaway deadline but I was going to get a copy of this book anyway. My wonderful friend Cindy has a quilt in it.... Congrats!

I've loved being part of a bee this year - it's awesome to try blocks and colours that aren't your style but help you learn new skills and break out of your comfort zone!