Thursday, June 19, 2014

Really Random Thursday, 6/19/14

Does the place where you live have trash pick-up where you can set out things that have been collecting all year because they are too big for regular pick-up? We have that once a year. Just put all your tree trimmings/junk in the gutter and the city will pick it up.

If the "junk pickers" don't get to it first, that is... About a week before the trash pickup, you start seeing people driving slowly down the street looking for anything they might use/upcycle/recycle, etc. Usually they are in cars or pickups. Because the stuff is often bulky.

This year we set out some plastic trash bins that we had replaced because they had cracks. So a girl driving by on a bicycle asked if she could have them. Um, yeah...She had a baby carrier on the back of her bike that came in quite handy as a garbage bin carrier...
I had seen a mug like this somewhere..Instagram, Pinterest? Not quite sure. Anyway, I made one for someone I really love a lot. It may have been our daughter-in-law. Our son recommended that I make sure she was fully caffeinated before giving it to her was sure she would really like it.
Every month or so, Mark gets up on the roof to hose off the solar panels, to make them function more efficiently. Our neighbor took this picture of him from next door. It looks like he is trying to cool off the sun.
These inspire me to make a summery quilt.
Paul from @evildemondevildog had requested a fused glass version of the block I designed for the Modern Bee book (you can see more of his work here). Mark was happy to make one for him. Here is the fused glass version of my Neon Ninja Star block.
Of course I need to end with some good advice. Choose the one that seems right for you today.
Mary Fons posted this in her IG feed
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http://thankfullga447 said... #

I love the idea of the garbage. I was just telling my DH how their is no more fun garbage around. I love the photo of your husband on the roof, he is brave.

Susan said... #

So I am wise after all, according to your tomato sign! In Australia it is an offence to 'take' hard rubbish! But in the past I have picked up some treasures! I even saw an old crystal cabinet on the nature strip last Sunday- wish I had the guts to knock on the door and ask for it!

Celtic Thistle said... #

I love the coffee cup, I think my son could do with one of those :)

Quilting Stories said... #

Very nice, humoristic post! I love your quotes!

Lucy | Charm About You said... #

Great coffee cup! I tore a picture out of a magazine of one of those baskets thinking the very same thing! I'd love to make a quilt like that :)

Needled Mom said... #

That coffee mug is fabulous! I love the glass block too.

The Colorful Fabriholic said... #

I always enjoy your inspirational messages! Thanks. Love the basket inspiration, too - great color palette for summer.

Scrapatches said... #

This pots really put a smile on my face ...:)

Love the photos ...especially the one of your DH cooling off the sun ... :-)

I have been neglecting Really Random Thursday. It actually forgot today was Thursday until I heard the trash pick up noises the neighborhood. We used to have one of those annual days where you could but larger items out. No more. Now we have to pay to have it picked up. Our city even charges us if we haul it to their annual collection day. Times have changed.

I need to get my random on today ... thanks for hosting ... :) Pat

Terri said... #

Great quotes!!! Love that photo of Mark on the roof. I would love to have solar panels on our roof. A couple years ago we picked up four beat up benches on someone's curb for trash day. We put new nails in them, spray-painted them, and now they are scattered throughout our backyard to add to the park feel.

ChristaQuilts said... #

I always love your randomness! My favorite is the tomato quote, LOL!! So true :-)

Quilting Nonnie said... #

We used to live in a city where you could put your lawn clippings, fallen leaves, etc out on the street every week! I sure miss that. That unicorn quote is a goody. I love these eclectic quotes that are becoming more common. Great post today. I love your random post every week.

Vicki said... #

Thanks Cindy..I love your random thoughts!

Mrs Flying Blind... said... #

The solar washing is the best!!

M-R Charbonneau said... #

I love those sayings, Cindy! So true!

Wendy @ Wendysquiltsandmore said... #

We have those types of rubbish collections in Auckland, New Zealand. We call them 'inorganic' rubbish collections. People put out sofas, TVs, toys, bikes, everything! We think the council always delays picking up for another day or two, in the hope that most of the stuff will be taken by other people, and they won't have so much rubbish to dispose of. We certainly see lots of vans cruising by slowing and taking anything they think they can use, repair or sell. I don't mind that - I think 'good luck to them'.

Katy Cameron said... #

I want that middle quote, and I shall write it up, frame it, and give it to a number of my programme managers...

Carla said... #

I ,ove the quotes! The mug is awesome too. Have a lovely week end Cindy

Debbie said... #

good random and I love the roof photo. and the quotes!

Anonymous said... #

Great post. This is my first time at your site. It is so fun to read.

Carla said... #

You ALWAYS have the best stuff, sister!!

Sarah said... #

Love the photo of Mike cooling down the sun! In Adelaide South Australia some councils are discouraging people from picking out of others large waste, threatening fines etc. I think the greedy councils want the goods for themselves so they can sell it for profit!

Blogger said... #
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Anonymous said... #
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