Thursday, April 23, 2015

Really Random Thursday, 4/23/15: The (mostly) shopping edition

Forgot it's Thursday so this is a little late. Oops.

I would like to purchase this book for our son.
He already has a head full of seemingly useless information, all of which he can retrieve in a split second, and yet it is equally filled with all the brainiac information he needs to be a successful optometrist. Meanwhile, I have absolutely no math or science cells left in my brain.

Oh, Target, how I love you.

Wondering how the shaver work on curves before you buy it? Well, demonstrations are provided. (It's blurry because the shavers were going up and down over those curves.) Side note: I did feel slightly weird taking a picture of the Flexiball so I waited until no curious shoppers were around and wondering, "Why??"
 My new favorite coffee:

Even the shoppers are inspiring:
So the other night I sewed this little diamond going the wrong way. Un-sewed. Re-sewed. When I looked at the front, one of the little tails was peeking out through the seam. I cut it off.
Last night I sewed a larger hexie into the rosette, which takes considerably longer because of the three seams. The center diamond? Going the wrong way. In my case, diamonds are clearly not a girl's best friend.
I located all the bee blocks from the three times it has been my turn to make the choice. Aren't they pretty? I'm super excited to work on all three of these sets over the summer. The Dresden blocks actually came from two bees: Mid Century Modern and Sew Sisters. I love them all--the blocks and all the special friends in these two bees.
Yes, indeed.
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How about you? Anything random happening?


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Lucy | Charm About You said... #

I'm a sucker for things like that and even though I can't see it moving I still want it! hahaha! Maybe you could make that project intentionally mismatched and see where it takes you :) Loving that elephant but I'm not sure I would like coffee that tasted like tea?!

beth s said... #

Love that little quote at the end of your post. Thanks for the chuckle. ;)

Janet said... #

I love a cup of spiced chai. I need to go pick up some spiced chai coffee to see how it tastes.

FlourishingPalms said... #

It's great to see you're human too, Cindy. It made me smile to see that wrong-turned EPP diamond. Sorry for smiling. My husband has the same trivia-collecting brain as your son. When we play Trivial Pursuit, he's tough to beat. Yet, after 43 years of marriage, the man still can't remember how to properly spell my maiden name!

Doris said... #

Oooh, I need to get my hands on that coffee--right up my alley! Your bee blocks are beautiful!

Susan said... #

Lovely to see all the bee blocks together and so happy to be a part of this amazing group!

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

Hi Cindy!!! I gotta get back to linking up with your random Thur posts. Drinking my spice chai tea while I catch up with blog reading. : )

Celtic Thistle said... #

I love the hexie elephant, not so sure about the hexie leggings though! Great random

OPQuilt said... #

Okay, that shaver thing totally freaks me out whenever I walk by--it starts humming and gyrating. I try to avoid that aisle now. Fun to see your rosette take shape! Soon we'll get a good look at it? Hope so.