Thursday, April 20, 2017

Really Random Thursday, 4/20/17

What a week it has been.

I mentioned a bit about my parents' pending move to an assisted living facility in Reedley, about 40 minutes from us. Days and days of going through boxes, papers, closets, everything...

We found this gem of a picture. Remember the "flip"? I think this is from 7th grade. Yikes.

It is always surprising to me how many of my hand crafted items have turned up--things they have saved and displayed all these years. Tole painting from the 1970s.
China painting from the 1980s--some of which is going with them, some staying for the estate sale.
My brother, Jeff, arrived on Saturday from Washington, D.C., to help with the move. It was such a nice treat for my parents to have him there.

We were all together as a family for Easter lunch
Mark always makes stacks of crepes.
And they are always so yummy.
When we were nearly done, Aaron decided it might be fun to make a list of all the available fillings, and then use the Random Item Generator and choose the top three fillings that popped up, no matter what they were.

The list included: sausage, bacon, sugar, brown sugar, butter, Cookie Butter, bananas, strawberries, avocados, spinach, cheddar cheese, Brie.

Here we have butter, bananas, and cheddar.
Charlotte is being adventurous with cookie butter, sugar, and avocado.
Butter, bacon, brown sugar--probably the best combo that popped up.
We took family pictures.

And then it was time for hunting Easter eggs.

Gabe made quite a haul.

Time to eat chocolate...
It was a wonderful afternoon together.

My father has been in memory care since August, and since that time had not been back to the house. My mother thought it might give him a little closure to see the house one more time.
They always have such beautiful flowers.

The next day, bright and early, it was time for the move.

First, things from the house were loaded up, then Mark went to where my father has been residing, and loaded things up there. Even though we had talked extensively about the move the day before, my father had no recollection about it at all and was so confused as to why we were there. We unloaded things into their room by early afternoon. Here he is, waiting and watching all the activity.

The next day, Mark and I went back and did some unpacking and hung pictures on the walls to make everything seem cozier. I can't even imagine moving from a three-bedroom house to one room, but all in all, their room seems like a miniature version of the home they have loved for many years.
We hope this new living situation will be a good one for them, and that the adjustment won't be too difficult.

I'm leaving for a few days of quilting with friends just outside Yosemite. As usual, I have probably overestimated how much I can actually accomplish, but it will be good to relax with friends, even if I don't get much done. There is no internet connection, and honestly I'm looking forward to being unplugged for awhile.

See you back here next week. Have a lovely weekend.


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stitchinpenny said... #

Reading this is tough. I moved my mother into an assisted living facility and then 2 years ago moved my sister into a memory care facility 2 years ago. My mother died a few years after she moved in due to lung cancer and my sister is in much better health since she is receiving full time care. I know your mother is still fine, but being with your dad is probably very important to her and will bring a joy that nothing else could do. Gos bless all of you during this time of change.

Robby said... #

The thing I love best about your family pictures is how all the smiles look genuine, like they are happy to be together and in the moment. (I know we all have our moments, but they seem to love being together.)

Hope your folks have a good transition and are happy together in their new home. Enjoy your well earned break on your retreat.

Barb Neiwert said... #

LOL, I have the same 'flip' picture probably from the same grade! Good thing that went out of style. What doesn't go out of style is the degree of love and caring you have for your family. We are facing very a similar situation within the next year, and know it's not easy. I guess you just put one foot in front of the other and carry on. Have fun at your retreat.

Unknown said... #

I had that same flip. We moved my mom to an apartment from her three bedroom home, and it was very hard at first. Hanging her special pictures and making sure that she had all of her favorite things around her helped. I make new placemats for her each season and she's getting a new quilt for Mothers Day. These transitions can be successful - especially if your mom makes some friends. Good luck to you all.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

Lots of hard work and not an easy time. I hope your parents will adjust well. They are blessed to have loving children and grandchildren to lift them up. You deserve a good getaway now so enjoy your quilting time. How about coming here in Sept when it's not quite so hot and we'll sew and play? BTW . . . Love your 7th grade picture. I'm not brave enough to ever show mine. Curly hair that was terrible. It was an awful way for me to start junior high school.

Val's Quilting Studio said... #

Sounds like your retreat is well earned. I hope it brings your peace that your parents are in a safe place and I pray for their adjustment to be easy. I love seeing the blessings of all your grandchildren....but oh they are growing way too fast!! V