Thursday, February 8, 2018

Really Random Thursday, 2/8/18

Mark and I went to Carmel, one of our favorite spots on the California coast. Last year, we chose Super Bowl weekend. It turned out to be a great time as the town was basically deserted. So we decided to do that again this year. It will all change this weekend, as the Pebble Beach golf tournament is in town.

We stayed at a charming hotel (because they were running a "stay two nights, get one night free" special). It had a European feel to it. This was the view from our room. There were appetizers and wine in the afternoon, and a very nice breakfast each morning.

Why are the W and E upside down?
Before the game on Sunday, we wandered around town. There is a very nice little park, and newlyweds had the tripod set up and were staging their own pictures.

Each day we had a meal at our favorite restaurant, A.W. Shucks. We always sit at the little bar, and now the cooks know us. Shucking those oysters is no easy job.
Something neither of us would ever try--the oyster shooter. Tequila, cocktail sauce, horseradish, oyster and salsa. Nope...
On Monday, we drove to Pacific Grove and I took some pictures of a quilt, "Alice's Swedish Ex." Come back tomorrow for lots more pictures. For once, Mark didn't have to hold up the quilt. So he took pictures of me instead.

Tuesday morning, we had coffee at our favorite local coffee house. Perfect blue sky.
And a funny mug.
We stopped for lunch on the way home. It was perfect weather for eating outside, especially with this view of the hills.
While we were gone, we had a tree in our backyard removed. The grandkids will miss climbing on that one. So the backyard went from this... this. But we will undoubtedly have better luck growing things now that there will be more sun.
A random cute picture.
And a random funny sign.


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Robby said... #

We haven't been to Carmel in years. We need to go back soon! But first, I'm going to have to look for that coffee cup. Looking forward to tomorrow's post and pictures.

Needled Mom said... #

Carmel is such a gorgeous place to visit. It sounds like it was the perfect time too.

I think we need to head up for the oysters. They look fabulous, but you can keep the tequila.

Love that last sign. I need to find one of them for my sister and BIL. They would get a kick out of it.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

Looks like you had beautiful weather. I think photos with us in the shot taking photos are always quite fun. Mark took a great one of you.

SarahZ said... #

What a fun weekend trip! We almost took one last weekend, too, to Cody, WY....good thing we didn't because we would be snowed OUT right now instead of the other way around! Lol!

sarah williams said... #
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