Wednesday, October 31, 2018

May 24

On Thursday, Pete drove us to some nearby waterfalls.

 It's impossible to capture the force and sound of the water, no matter how close you are.

After lunch, he took us around Victor, where he and Jane used to live before moving to Driggs.

They have built a little cabin up in the hills. While it may not have running water, it has a lot of comforts of home--and great art work.

And what a view!
We went back into Victor and had a world-famous huckleberry milkshake.

A photo op at the Victor Emporium.

The sky was ever-changing and the cloud formations were stunning. I'm used to blue, sunny skies here in California, so I couldn't stop taking pictures.

 Clouds reflected in the windows of the house where we stayed.

Our niece, Rose, came home from college the day before we left for Yellowstone. As you can see from these mother, like daughter...

The next day it was on to Yellowstone!