Thursday, March 19, 2020

Really Random Thursday, 3/19/20

Last week, on Friday the 13th, even when the world had started changing, I would never have thought things would get to this point in less than a week. As of midnight a.m. today, the City of Fresno was officially mandated to shelter in place.

Mark and I have already been doing that, other than truly essentially outings. But even with essential outings, I have pretty much banned Mark from running those errands because he seems to be in the higher risk category. He has taken to calling me the Warden. I'm okay with that. So when his insulin pens come into the pharmacy (they can't be shipped to our house because they have to remain refrigerated), I will be the only one leaving the house to pick them up.

I have also started quarantining mail, the newspaper (yes, we still get the Fresno Bee, and it's fine to quarantine a couple of days as it's all old news anyway, but we still enjoy the local news, reading the cartoon Pickles and doing Seven Little Words), and the few packages that were scheduled to arrive by Amazon.

Of course I'm quarantining mail, etc. Do you know your enneagram number? I'm a 5w6. So of course it makes sense to me...

Our daily schedule has changed somewhat. There is no reason to get out of bed at any particular time. I wear sweats all the time now, and have stopped wearing makeup. Mark isn't complaining. He has stopped shaving.

I thought I wouldn't have anything to post, but surprisingly, before all the social distancing began in earnest, we had some company. Last week, our dear friends, sisters Jessie and Valerie, were in town for a wedding, and stayed with us for four nights.

They loved sitting in the sun. Jessie lives in Moscow, Idaho, and Valerie lives in Denver, so this was a lovely change for them.
How cute do they look all dressed up for the wedding?
Jessie had flown with her dog, Rico the Shelf Elf, because she plans on being gone about two weeks.
He's a funny quirky little dog. It's especially funny when he lifts his ears straight up.
They were scrupulous about sanitizing and showering any time they came home from being with friends. We had the best time. Love these girls so very much.

It has taken Mark a little bit to adjust to sports reruns since everything else has been canceled, although I have to say, prior to this he was no longer such a sports addict that he had to watch every single game on TV. So this doesn't really apply to us, but thought it was funny anyway.
And this...
Surprisingly, so far I haven't gotten any more things accomplished than I did before the shelter in place mandate. Hmmm....but I do have plans for catching up on lots of sewing. And knitting. And reading. All without guilt because there is no other place I have to be or things I need to be doing. And I don't have to figure out ways to get out of going to places I don't want to go (as an introvert who happily recharges at home, that's always a struggle).  Although I'm very disappointed that a quilting retreat I was looking forward to attending next week right outside Austin has been canceled. I'm just hoping by the middle of July that we can still have our annual quilting retreat!

While something like this is way easier for introverts, I get that it is especially challenging for everyone who is just the opposite, those who thrive by being with people.
Mark and I have made quite a list of home projects that we have been planning to do forever. And now we can!

He has been busy working on a storage unit for Tagua, a local store that carries things mostly made in Third World countries, with all proceeds going back to those countries.
He finished building it, but had other things on his schedule and was hoping someone else could do the painting. But now, of course, he has time to do the painting himself. And it's going to be orange. So I highly approve of that. :)

Saw this...
And then this...
Charlotte sent me this exchange between her and her father, who told her to send it to me. Haha.
Yesterday was nice and sunny. Our neighborhood cat, Harley, decided to sun herself on our table.
We took our daily walk and saw this on a neighbor's yard. Snow...
Today it rained. Heavenly.
In case you feel the need to go on a wine tour, let this be your guide.
This is now how we see our precious family. We just want to keep each other safe, and seeing them in person, even from a distance, works for me right now.
So until our world (isn't it mind boggling that it is quite literally the world!) gets back to a more normal state, this list is a good thing to keep in mind.

Stay safe. Keep in touch.


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Rochelle aka Bella Quilts said... #

Thank you for a lovely post. Love all the little laughs embedded in here. We went to the grocery store today. Hubby doesn't usually shop but thought he should learn how. I don't know that it was a easier but it was together. Now he knows what is entailed. Glad you get to see the family from a distance.

Marsha said... #

Thank you, I always enjoy your posts about your family and life. I've copied quite a few of the funny clips to share with friends. Please keep writing.
I am in Portland Oregon and so far no order to shelter in place. Mostly worried about small local businesses and their owners. Keep safe.

Charlotte M. said... #

Thank you for the post Cindy. I am so happy to hear from you. It appears we are all on lockdown now. Our governor just announced it on tv. Tried to grocery shop today, but here in San Diego still lots of shortages. Be healthy and safe, both of you.

Susan said... #

Thanks for the fun and wise words Cindy! It is certainly a strange time! Oddly, our schools are still open and our curve continues to rise. Overall our numbers are small but still concerning! We finally bought toilet paper today, the first time since the panic buying started here six weeks ago! Stay safe!

Deb Cox said... #

Oh Cindy, that you ever so much for your post. A combination of just everything we need. Brilliant. Through all this "change in our daily lives" I have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Know you will understanding. It's small but still the impact on my and my children and family and those around me (especially at this time) has been a big jolt. But being positive and pissed off all at the same time. But will carry on till surgeon calls and we set up a plan. Jeepers creepers, life just keeps seeing how much we can deal with. (-: But truly, thank you for your posts. I shall pass this one on to many and hope they enjoy your wise words, your life and your wonderful humour. We all need that! From London, Ontario to you, Cheers lovely lady and stay safe and wash your hands.....xoox

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

As one introvert to another, on some levels this doesn't feel different. And yet, it is. Wondering at what point staying in with Justin and daily walks as our means of getting 'out' for fresh air will get old. I love the graphics you have pulled together. I especially like the wine tour. Wine in the closet being the best ever!!! Guess we'll know where to find you. Stay safe. Hugs.

Carla said... #

Such a great post- especially like the enneagram chart! I’m a one. Also did you know that when those Caronians become teenagers they will be called Quaranteens?!

Robby said... #

I think I must have gotten interrupted while I was reading this. I mean, I know I saw part of it before, then some of it feels new to me. Or, I've just been stuck in my house so long that 5 minutes ago seems like a long time ago. Ha! We have a neighborhood cat, too. He is also orange, but unlike Harley, he has chosen to remain only "Orange Kitty" to us. And really? We are like his emergency backup attention, the girls next door are desperate to have a kitty but Mom is allergic. Orange Kitty knows when they get home from school and waits for them on the porch. If they don't appear as anticipated he comes over to our porch to see if we're hiding them, but will grudgingly accept attention from us.