Thursday, June 11, 2020

Really Random Thursday, 6/11/20

As states are opening up, what are your thoughts? I know that depends so much on where you live, as different states are experiencing hot spots or decreases in new cases.

Monday was our 47th wedding anniversary. We grabbed something for lunch and headed to nearby Lost Lake. Seriously. Nearby, like 15 minutes from our house. And in the 41 years we have lived here, we have never been to Lost Lake! The weather was perfect and it just felt so good to get out of the house, for something that wasn't essential like grocery shopping.

I saw this yesterday. It seems about right to me. We made reservations at our favorite hotel on the central coast for August. Can.hardly.wait!

 Mark and I are still pretty much sheltering in place, although I have a hair appointment next week. Oddly, I have mixed feelings about that--not the appointment itself, but I am now ready to stop coloring in order to relive the hair color of my younger days, and I'm not sure about cutting. I've grown sort of accustomed to the length. We are planning family photos in the next month. There is no way Mark is shaving his white beard, or trimming his now-bushy hair. Oh well. I don't think any of us will forget 2020 and COVID-19. Might as well have lasting photographic evidence.

This was a funny one. And also, it seems about right...

Of course, COVID-19 is not the only thing we will remember about 2020, is it? It's still difficult to articulate my thoughts in print. Social media is a hotbed right now, and with Jason in our family, we have seen racism over and over, up close and personal. It is REAL.
Maya Angelou was a wise woman.

We love reading Pickles.

I remember these. Do they still make them?
My new favorite pictures.

Where do you find  yourself among these choices? My father was a pessimist, and I work hard to be different than that. Right now, I just want to be an artist...

Amen. My 2020 planner is a record of things that have been canceled.  I'm keeping it as a reminder of what 2020 might have been. Hopefully my 2021 planner will not be a useless purchase.


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Patti said... #

Just want you to know I love your blog. It makes me smile. Keep up the good work!!!

Val's Quilting Studio said... #

LOL!! I just crossed out two more events in my date book. Love reading your Thursday posts. Thanks for keeping us laughing. :)

Robby said... #

I checked off the DDS office this week. I had a filling that was first discovered in January and kept getting rescheduled. I actually felt like my DDS office really worked hard on a plan and made me feel no less safe than any other trip to sit in a chair while someone points a vibrating sharp stick in your mouth. I need a checkup, but just can't quite get myself ready to find a new doctor (mine left!) and get a physical which sounds not that safe.

Susan said... #

How is it that Lost Lake is not teeming with people? When our restrictions were recently relaxed so many people went to our Redwood Forest (a rarity here in Australia of course) that they had to close it! Lost Lake looks like the perfect place to spend some time! As restrictions start to ease here, its nice to have things to look forward to again, like a visit from my sister tomorrow, or a week at the beach next week. I'm not sure I'd have 'travelling on an airplane at a level 5. I don't want to get on a plane for a long time yet! I'm still getting up the courage to go to the hairdresser. I hope everything goes well for you!

Charlotte M. said... #

My grandson graduated from eighth grade yesterday and we were supposed to be there. I watched it on you tube. The teachers each filmed a piece with the awards and then they showed a picture of the student. It was sweet and sad at the same time. They also had a parade of the kids in their parents cars in front of the school. The kids were so excited to see each other, even at a distance and there was much shouting across the parking lot. We went for a walk at Torrey Pines state beach on Tuesday. The hiking trails are still closed, and the beach was fairly empty. The parking lots up there are closed still, so it keeps the crowds away. I watched the news last night and the numbers are going up in half the states. I don't know how long this will continue, but I sure miss my family. Thanks for the risk chart. It seems realistic.

Fiona said... #

I quickly looked at your family photo and scrolled on and then went back to have a second look. I have the same "welcome neighbour" sign in my front yard. :-)

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

I foresee a summer spent mainly at home and for the most part I'm ok with that. By staying home, we are getting so much done in the yard. Still loads to do but it's been needed for a long time. Our little downtown is full of restaurants which finally can finally reopen and they've blocked off 3 blocks to expand outdoor seating. I'll go at some point once the kinks are ironed out because I really want to support them. We really don't eat out often though. Hoping to spend the day with Emily on Monday and get back to a little bit of our norm of walking, coffee and some shopping. But like you I long for physical touch and hugs with my kids. Have a great weekend.

artsycraftsyivy said... #

I'm pretty sure push-pops are still made. I love the chart--the one with the risk factors, not all of which I agree with (how is standing at a pump getting gas riskier than walking into a restaurant [if that is the process] to get take-out? And how does a dentist's chair or a doctor's waiting room only rate a 4?