Friday, August 27, 2021

Really Random...Friday, 8/27/21

Thursday came and went. So here we are on Friday.

Before I forget, several people were interested in the Urchin bowl made from 3 mm wool felt, but were no-reply commenters. I purchased the pattern from She no longer has the pattern listed but I'm sure if you contact her, you would be able to purchase the pattern. I purchase my felt from selection of colors and great service as well.

This past Monday was a milestone birthday for Mark, the big 7-0. He is a man who wants nothing more than being surrounded by his family--that is the best gift he can receive. He and I drove over to Carmel on Saturday. While we enjoy going to Pismo for the ocean view from our room, Carmel is a charming little town full of art galleries and shops. Months ago when I mentioned to Christa that although he wouldn't want a party, we needed to do something special, she suggested Carmel for the day--it's a part of the coast they don't get to very often. So the troops arrived on Sunday morning and we spent the day together.

We headed over to 17-Mile-Drive, to a spot where Mark and I have had many picnic lunches over the years. Christa and Jill had brought everything needed for a yummy lunch. It was overcast and sweatshirt weather, but not too windy--a perfect afternoon.

Then we headed back to Carmel, hit the toy store and the candy store. 

Mark and I had searched for a place to eat dinner before they all headed back to Fresno. We walked around town Saturday night and stumbled on a new bakery/pizzeria on one of the side streets. There was a room with a large table--perfect for all 12 of us--and the pizzas were delicious and reasonably priced, which is not an easy thing to find in a pricy tourist town like Carmel. 

I think his entry into a new decade began in the best way possible. 
Handmade birthday cards from Gabe and Ella are priceless.

Flowers seen close to our hotel room.

And this cute paintbrush display in one of the art galleries.
I agree--simply brilliant.

We have a new doormat. Sometimes I feel like I should make our regular mailman a quilt for all the bundles of fabric he has delivered...
Something to keep in mind...
I've been doing the Summer Sampler 2021, hosted by Lee Heinrich, Faith Jones and Katie Blakesley. I am all caught up with the weekly blocks--something that has never happened to me in the history of quilt-alongs when I participate. I'm feeling quite proud of myself.

In my quest to find locally made iced lavender oatmilk lattes, Mark was at this cool coffeeshop with our pastor last week, and guess what?! They make what I was looking for. So after Mark and I got our hair cut this morning, he surprised me by taking me there. He even tried some coffee, but nope, he is NOT a coffee lover.
Cool light fixture.
Any of you mothers feel like this?
Mark's brother Pete lives in Driggs, Idaho. Your little town finally makes it to the New York Times, but not for a good reason... Is it smoky where you are?
I'll end with these.

Hope your weekend is a good one.


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pcquilter said... #

Happy Birthday to Mark! This decade is great and will get even better without covid!

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

Wish Mark a Happy Birthday for me. Looks like a wonderful time at the beach with the whole family. I really love the paintbrush piece. It makes me want to go collect junk paintbrushes. Congrats on keeping up with the QAL. I never do them because I would never ever keep up. Plus I have too too many of my own projects that I don't keep current on. Cutting right now for something instead of finishing the two quilts on the design wall and the one giant 3 year project I just keep avoiding. uggg. The last meme really hits home doesn't it? Sadly it speaks for way too many people these days.

Charlotte M. said... #

Love your door mat. I noticed your little painted rock camper by the door too. :)

Chris K. said... #

Bummer. 2/22/2222 is actually a Wednesday, unless Outlook is lying to me.

lkhomework said... #

Such an uplifting post!

Chris K. said... #

Oh, wait. I was thinking 2022 all along. It may well be a Tuesday in 2222. Silly me.