Wednesday, January 3, 2024



 I have never made the pattern, Meadowland, by Then Came June, although it has been wildly popular. Since I have been trying to sew my stash in 2023, I decided this was the year. I had a stack of fabric that I've held on to for years: Quilter's Tweed by Robert Kaufman (poor photo...)

I added a solid gold and started making blocks.

When I posted a progress photo on Instagram/Facebook, our friend, Mike, made this comment, I knew that this quilt was destined to belong to him.

He's a large guy, so the quilt needed a border. I have long eyed a stripe fabric by a company called Fableism, and knew it would be perfect for the other fabrics in the quilt.

I had some fabric that looked like postal service cancellations and since it was going from California to Kansas, and I had yards of it, it seemed like a great choice for backing.

Quilting was done by Darby Myers.

I always enjoy making a quilt even more when I can think about the person who will receive it. Mike is a special guy and I hope he enjoys this one. 

Quilt Name: Meadowland
Pattern: Meghan Buchanan (Then Came June)
Made by: Cindy Wiens
Quilted by: Darby Myers
Completed: December 2024
Size: 62" x 79"
Gifted to Mike Klaassen


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Deb Cox said... #

now how gorgeous is this quilt cindy.
i am sure mike will be very touched to receive it from you.
have a most wonderful day.

Rochelle aka Bella Quilts said... #

Another beautiful quilt. I agree with Mike that it reminds me of autumn. Those tweedy looking fabrics really do make it a man's quilt. How great you get border fabric that goes with the top. And I love the back. Congrats on another great quilt.

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said... #

I love it when I know quickly where a quilt will be going. I am sure Mike will get lots of great use with it. And that stripe border really is the perfect finishing touch.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

Beautiful colors and subtle textures. Perfect border print too. It's a great gift for a man. I'm sure he will love having it. I'm somehow way behind in blog reading. I don't get email notifications anymore and without those it's out of sight out of mind. Will try to follow again and see if that helps. Hope you are doing well.