Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall

Mrs. Limestone from Brooklyn Limestone did a post on upcycling, wondering whether her readers upcycle things themselves and leaving a link to post their own upcycled projects.

Well, as a matter of fact, Mark and I have quite a few upcycled projects around the house. Here is the way it usually goes down. I drag stuff off the trash heap during our annual city cleanup...and he does most of the actual upcycling. And those pieces of furniture are definitely my favorites.

A few years ago we remodeled our master bathroom. We had one of those plain mirrors. You know the kind--no nice frame around it, just held up with little plastic clips. We definitely weren't going to use it in the new bathroom but we also wanted to keep a memento from the old bathroom. Luckily enough (right, Mark?), I had seen a great idea on HGTV. We bought one of those cheap doors from Lowe's--the kind you could easily punch your fist through--which was the same width as the mirror. Got different kinds of molding and a beautiful wooden medalion. Painted the door white, glued the mirror on with liquid nails and then trimmed it out with the molding.

I know it probably sounds this was a joint project. Actually my part was the idea phase. Mark did the actual work on this one.

It turned out great. We have it attached to a wall in our bedroom.

Taking pictures of a, that's a toughie. It's not like you can stand in front of it and snap the picture. Well, you could do that, but then all you would really see is a picture of me taking a picture of the mirror. So, apologies in advance for the photography. (And if any of you have better solutions on photographing mirrors, let me know, because I want to share the redo of our main bathroom, but keep getting hung up on the whole mirror/picture dilemma.)


  1. Hey! I've never seen that before! Really cool!

  2. What a clever idea! We have those "clip" mirrors in our bathrooms. If we ever remodel, we might use your idea. =)

  3. Who created the term "upcycling? I have called it re-purposing" and I think before that refurbishing. I love how words morph. Check my blog for pics of "upcycling". Love, Janice

  4. Nicely done!

    In my nightstand at home, I still have (printed out so I don't forget) your idea to matte and frame various paint chips of fabulous colors. Will get around to it one day, I KNOW.

  5. I love to upcycle all kinds of things! Check out our blog to see what we've been working on! My sisters & I love to transform hideous furniture into new treasures!!

  6. Love this!!! Wow it really dresses it up!! Looks custom made to order! Great work!
    Mama Holli

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