Monday, July 5, 2010

Color inspiration

The articles and recipes were interesting, but what I really gleaned from these magazines were some fun color combinations for future quilts.

Turquoise, lime green and yellow (with a touch of tomato red):

Lime green, hot pink and yellow:

Turquoise, orange and hot pink.

What color combinations are inspiring you this summer?


  1. These are some great ideas. I've also seen some amazing color palettes over at It's mainly for weddings, but I keep seeing lots of other ideas in the colors too!

  2. Ummm... black and white today. ;)

  3. I have that BHG magazine and am planning a quilt based on the cover too! I hadn't seen the GH mag but have already completed a wall quilt using orange, hot pink and turquoise. You can check it out (Citrus Carolina) on my blog.

    Good luck with your quilt projects!

  4. I vote for all of the above! Bright and cheery.

  5. I'm totally in love with aqua blue and orange right now. I can't get enough of it!

  6. Thats one source of inspiration that I have never even considered before. My favorites right now are hot pink and orange.

  7. Um. If "stretchy pant" were a color that'd be my choice. I am living in Stretchy this summer.

  8. What a great way to find color inspiration.

  9. What a great post!
    When someone has trouble picking colours I often say to look at the media because they usually get it right.


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