Tuesday, April 2, 2024


  Ah, Lumos. I think you are the favorite quilt of all those I have made so far. 

A few years ago I took a scrappy lone star class from one of my favorite teachers, Tara Faughnan. I made this beautiful block. I learned so much about color in that class. I loved these more muted versions of favorite colors.

If nothing else, I learned how to do a great Y seam.
But when the class was done, I had no clue what to do with the block. For awhile it was on my design wall with some other blocks. They looked fine together but it didn't spark any ideas.

At roughly the same time, I began making Double Ruby Ring blocks, designed by Michelle Bartholomew, a designer I greatly admire for her creativity. They were English paper pieced and I used Kaffe Fassett stripes in the center, surrounded entirely by my beloved Oakshott fabrics. 

While I LOVE these blocks, I'm not a huge fan of curved piecing while English paper piecing, as opposing curves are tricky due to the papers. So my plan was to make maybe nine blocks and call it a day. 

However, what to do with blocks that measured 36" x 36" when sewn together? We don't really have any wall hangings around the house. But I kept them on the design wall because I loved looking at them. 

Then by some quirk of fate, I got out the radiant star, trying to decide what to do with it. I started looking back and forth at the star, and the Ruby Ring blocks, and back to the star. And realized they looked fantastic together. 
A plan started to form. Of course that plan meant making even more blocks. But I began to get excited about the possibilities.

I had enough different striped fabrics to make two blocks out of each colorway, so they were similar, yet different.

My favorite.

Time to put them together.

I thought I might do several smaller borders, but after adding the two skinny striped borders with the triangles inbetween, I knew it was finished.
I delivered it to Dawn Haldeman for some beautiful custom quilting, and I also splurged on my favorite echinacea print by Anna Maria Horner for the backing.  I decided on the name Lumos, one of the most popular spells in the Harry Potter series,  used to light up dark spaces.
Oakshott Fabrics liked it enough that they added it to their website.

And I'm so happy that Michelle liked it as well. 

Interestingly, this is the quilt that caught the attention of the production manager of The Quilt Show, so I would say it is responsible for my invitation to film an episode. This photo looks a little yellow, but I know it will be color corrected for addition to the show. 

I firmly believe that quilts "speak" to you. If you listen, they will tell you what needs to be added and what will not work at all. And sometimes they take you on an adventure you never thought possible.

Quilt Name: Lumos
Quilt Pattern: Designed by Cindy Wiens: center radiant star class with Tara Faughnan, Double Ruby Ring blocks by Michelle Bartholomew
Made by: Cindy Wiens
Quilted by: Dawn Haldeman
Completed: 2024
Size: 60" x 60"


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Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said... #

I loved getting to see the evolution of the quilt, but I think this might be the first time I really appreciated the custom quilting and how it really pulled it all together. Lumos is a great name for it - it truly glows!

Rochelle aka Bella Quilts said... #

What a gorgeous quilt. I'd seen the outside blocks being made during your posts but not put together with the star. Such a beautiful quilt. Sometimes going slow allows us to let the project develop on its own. It positively glows in photo of it on the wall of your dining room. Congratulations.