Monday, April 1, 2024


 Quite awhile ago, I had purchased a calendar designed by Molly Lam of @tokodots, one of my favorite artists. I loved this design for the month of August, and I could totally envision a quilt based on it.

My first version was Sorbet (#241). It was only 40" x 40", and I always envisioned a larger version.

I had set aside this stack of fabrics for a different project, but decided it would be perfect for this larger quilt. 

I decided to try an ombre effect going both directions: pink to rust in one direction, and lavender to burgundy in the other direction.

But then I decided that the four darkest colors in the vertical direction were just too brown, and changed them to shades of purple rather than burgundy.

Too dark/brown.
So much better.
These blocks actually go together quite quickly. I used the burgundy blocks on the back.

Then it was off to Darby for quilting.

I'm very happy with the larger size and I would definitely make this one again.

My neighbor's tree was blooming and it was a great backdrop.

Quilt: Weave
Quilt Pattern: Based on a design by Molly Lam @tokodots
Made by: Cindy Wiens
Quilted by: Darby Myers
Completed December 2023
Size: 71" x 76"