Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh say, can you sea?

We didn't exactly leave by the dawn's early light, but Mark needed to do some work in Carmel, one of our favorite places on the coast, so I took the day off to ride along with him.

The two colors of lettuce just popped against the backdrop of the foothills.

Mark met up with Al Saroyan, an architect he has worked with for years (nephew to William Saroyan, and yes, that was just a bit of blatant name-dropping on my part) and they went off to the job site.

I could have wandered around Carmel, which is a very quaint town with an Old European feel to it, art galleries, beautiful flowers everywhere...

and mysterious little alleyways that lead to yet another store or art gallery...

but instead, my books and I made our way to my very favorite spot, the Carmel Coffee House. Down another little alleyway...

Through the red door that is always open and welcoming...

Where they roast their own beans...

and brewed a great cup of coffee just perfect for sipping while I had some precious reading time. (Note to Candy: I may not have posted much on etsy yet, but I sure am spending some quality time studying marketing strategies...)

And what else was there to see? Ah, the sea...


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Grandma G said... #

"Marketing strategies"... ahh, I see! So when you finally do get more stuff listed, it should sell like... um... "hotcakes", right? ;-)

Hey, we have our very own little coffee shop in town where they roast their own beans and even ship them worldwide!

Lovely pics!

k said... #

Love the rows of lettuce!

The Luedtke Family said... #

So lovely, great pics capturing a great escape!

JHNickodemus said... #

Oooh looks so tranquil! I would LOVE to be there during finals week!