Friday, July 10, 2009

Kinda Like Oprah. Part 3. The End. Promise.

Okay, I know everyone who read part 2 was really hoping they could see the actual footage on Around the Block Designs, rather than just pictures of my computer screen and transcription of Alex and Ricky's conversation. Really. Fascinating stuff. Well, guess WHAT? You can! For this weekend only, you do not need to have a subscription to The Quilt Show. They are making it available to anyone who wants to check it out.

July 10, 2009
Weekend Fun
Melinda Bula Show 501: Free This Weekend!
That's right! We are so sure you will love Series 5 and want to see the rest that we are opening up show 501 with Melinda Bula to everyone for the weekend.
But hurry! It is open through Monday night at midnight Pacific Time.
Forward this to a friend who would enjoy seeing this free show at The Quilt Show.
Just Click Here or on the Picture to start the show. It's that easy.
See the whole Series

Now I realize that Alex and Ricky didn't pick this specific episode because of us. So watch the whole thing. It's a good episode.

But if you are just dying to hear all about Around the Block Designs, then I think we're about halfway through.

And Oprah, we've still got openings...


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Trudy Eikenberry said... #

Wow Cindy, what great coverage! Your glass designs are fab and the quilt pattern I can hardly wait to make. It's so much fun to see your name in print and your designs in magazines and on TV. To be able to say "hey, she is my best friend and I knew her even before all this" is such a kick.