Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Two new additions to our household

If you thought you were going to find a picture of two little puppies or kittens, I guess you'll have to go blog-searching for another site. Even though our new additions aren't soft and cuddly, they don't require much caretaking, which is a big bonus.

Mark's mother was somewhat of a legend in his home town when it came to cooking and baking. She even had a newspaper article written about her. It was a well-deserved honor. We have some of her recipes and cookbooks with the most fascinating notes written the margins (Make when Leon's home. Don't make for Mark--he doesn't like it). A cooking journal of her life. Priceless.

A couple of weeks ago Mark received an unexpected check in the mail. We thought long and hard about what to do with it. It wasn't huge. Donate it to the 401k? Nah...that seemed like a losing proposition.

Mark has taken over most of the cooking in the last couple of years, which I was more than happy to turn over to him, by the way, and now has also been doing a lot of baking. So it seemed fitting to honor his mother's legacy with the purchase of this:

And he put it right to work.

Today I made this little vignette. I've been on Weight Watchers, spending weeks counting points, so what to do after the picture-taking event? A dilemma for sure. I ended up doing what any reasonable person would do. I ate all the evidence.


Oh, and to remember his father, who had a lot of projects going on his basement, this now also lives at our house, a most fabulous clamping sawhorse. Now Mark can do his own projects around the house and doesn't even need me to assist him.

So not much cooking, baking, or heavy-duty home projects for me anymore....I see more sewing in my horizon, along with a lot of good food to sustain me. Life is good.


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Grandma G said... #

I am totally jealous!! No, not of the KitchenAid mixer... I have one (that admittedly doesn't get used very often... at least I have a dust cover for it). I am jealous that you have a husband that likes to cook! Oh, if ONLY I could sew and have someone cook for me!!!!!! *sigh*

JHNickodemus said... #

LOve the KitchenAid. AND the swiebach!

The Luedtke Family said... #

Am sooo jealous! I could have used the kitchenaid yesterday! I made a four layer "4" white-cake with white-frosting. Had an "I Love Lucy" meets "Curious George" moment and an almost catastrophe. But, sugar fixes everything. So all is a-okay- with #4! Could've used the kitchen-aide!

I would love to sample the first creation from your kitchen aide well! Yummy!!!