Friday, January 15, 2010


Before Thanksgiving, Mark installed some beautiful cabinets (in the garage!). He had a specific purpose in mind. Of course I tried to make him see the merits of another possibility. Here is how it went down.

The Bachelor:

*Sturdy and reliable
*Spacious and roomy
*Open to sharing the spotlight
*A little dull but definitely willing to hang out with someone much more colorful

Looking for:
*Some color and excitement

Bachelorette No. 1
*Colorful and lots of fun
*A bit disorganized

*Tired of living in piles on the floor

*Needs plenty of room as she likes to live life "large" and spread out

Looking for:
*Someone willing to showcase all the beautiful possibilities
*A temporary home

Bachelorette No. 2
*Good lines, sexy, edgy, flashy
*Quite organized and likes to stay within the boundaries

*Tired of living in plastic bins

Looking for:
*The spotlight
*A temporary home

Of course I think The Bachelor and Bachelorette No. 1 are the PERFECT pair. But instead he went for the sleek and flashy Bachelorette No. 2.

Any ideas where I can find another eligible bachelor who wouldn't mind living in a sewing room?