Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How high would YOU have gone?

I know I'm supposed to be in the "no-fabric-buying" zone. Kind of like the "no-fly" zone. You just don't go there.

So I shouldn't have even been looking. It gets me in trouble.

But for all you Flea Market Fancy fans out there, this is what I found during an ebay search.

Thirty-two fat quarters. The equivalent of eight yards!! I put my bid in at $100. With three days to go, I was the high bidder.

What was I thinking?? I was thinking, "This fabric is impossible to find. IMPOSSIBLE!!!! I'll never find this fabric again. The complete line. And I just saw fat quarters going on etsy for $45 each. This is a bargain. " THAT is what I was thinking.

And then I raised my bid to $125.

So how high would YOU have been willing to go?

Someone (not me--so insert very sad face emoticon here) won the bid for $250, plus shipping and handling.


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Crystal said... #

Oh my! That's a lot of money! I think $125 was reasonable but I'd never have bit up to $250.
$60 a yard is way too pricy for me!

Sorry you lost. :(

I wonder if they will ever release something as cool. I just really like the colors and the vintage style flowers so something like that would be nice.

Terri said... #

Holy ouch!!
That is crazy. I have thought about putting some up for auction as well but cant seem to part with it. I had a set similair to this one on ebay last year to halp a young boy raise money for School clothes, I can remember how much it went to I think it was close to 200 though.

I have a few FQ's I will send your way. :)

Jen said... #

I wouldn't have gone that high. I know that fabric is all the rage and people go nuts for it. It is beautiful,but I don't think there is a fabric out there that I'd pay $250 for! There are so many other fabrics that are gorgeous..I'd just find something else I loved! Sorry you didn't get it though!

Jennifer said... #

Wow! I'm sorry you lost but there is no way I could pay $250. I missed the entire FMF craze because I wasn't quilting (or sewing) then. But as much as I would like to have some, I don't think I could part with that much $$ for a handful of yards.

Jennifer :)

Kristen said... #

I LOVE Flea Market Fancy. I understand your plight. I keep hearing rumors about it being rereleased...but I know that if it happens, it will be just like Heather Ross's "rerelease", which is to say still cute but just not the same.

ilovebabyquilts said... #

That's a big lump of money, but it only works out to $8 per fat quarter! That's not much compared to the $45 each! You should have gone to $300 and then sold each for $20 on ebay.

Michele said... #

Um, aren't 32 FQs equal to 8 yards?

Cindy said... #

Michele: Right you are! I just went in and edited it. Thanks.

wishes, true and kind said... #

I've never had any FMF -- not a single fat quarter, so how high I would go is a good question. In the heat of the moment/during the bidding war, it's really hard to say. But, congratulations to you!

wishes, true and kind said... #

D'oh! I missed the part where you lost out to someone else. I thought you got them for $125! Oh, well! Terri offered to send you some. How sweet it that?!?!?

Cheryl Arkison said... #

Yikes! I wouldn't have gone that high at all, not even as high as you. It is lovely fabric, but I don't love it that much!

randi said... #

that stash would be an awesome win! although i wouldn't go to $250 for it. you stopped in the right spot, if you ask me. :)

Katie said... #

LOVE that fabric. I think they should consider reprinting it.

Hi! My name is erica. Would you be my friend? said... #

I see that this is a year old, but it's still going on...the crazy prices for FMF. I would love to have that FQ collection, love! But I can't do it. I figure it wasn't meant to be. Think of how much fabric she could've bought with $250! Looking forward to the revamped re-release, whenever that's supposed to happen...