Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Thinking Out Loud

Lately I have noticed some Wordless Wednesday posts, no words, just pictures. Something like this.

Seems like I have been getting a lot of fabric deliveries in the last year, even though I already have stacks and stacks of fabric that needs to be sewn. I love looking at my fabric stash, and posting pictures of the new deliveries. And taking another look at what is already on the shelves. So I thought maybe just posting pictures on Wednesday would work. That way it could be a recent delivery. Or it could be a stack that has been waiting patiently on my shelf.

And there was that random comment last week about my goal of no new fabric purchases in the month of April. Was I just kidding? Well, if I don't shout out "Hey, look what came in the mail yesterday!!" no one besides me will really know if I'm able to keep that promise or not.


Except most of you who follow the new fabric lines as closely as I do. Now that could be somewhat of a problem.

About all my new fabric. I'm not really trying to justify my purchases, but it's been a weird and long year, culminating last week with the passing of my dear friend, Sue. Fabric therapy seemed to get me through. Fabric therapy. You know, spending a lot of time looking online at all the gorgeous new fabric lines, planning new quilts,taking your mind of things you don't really want to think about. For the therapy to really work, it seems I actually had to hit the "buy now" button. Sue and I spent a lot of time sewing, dreaming of new quilts, finishing projects. I will really miss all that shared quilting time. I think my next phase needs to be sewing therapy, working on some of the fabric I purchased in the last year.

Do fabric and quilting get you through the rough spots, too? One thing for sure. Sue started these beautiful Mariner's Compass blocks in her favorite color. They were really time consuming and she didn't get very many completed. In the coming year, I want to work on this project, either alone or with friends, because it will keep her close to me, and I need that right now.

In somewhat unrelated news, Allisa from Quiltish, one of my favorite blogging buddies, included my selvage edge pincushion in her tutorial pictures of how to make the cutest little toy bucket. Thanks, Allisa!

And  this arrived recently....or not (I'm not telling....) from Australia:
Shhh....it's almost Wednesday.


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Edith said... #

Definitely fabric and quilting get me through rough patches. I find when I get depressed I get a bit obsessed with quilting and fabric. It isn't necessarily when I'm most productive, but it is when I do the most thinking about it.

JHNickodemus said... #

I've bought fabric too. I think that's truly how I ended up with "Farmville." Mariners compass scares me....but I'll bring the box and ask what I can do?

Little Spouse in the Old House said... #

The Compass blocks are incredible. This is none of my business BUT my next plant sale money is going to the American Cancer Society, in honor of Sue and few people in our town who have fought cancer. Here's an idea-Finish the quilt and have an on-line auction or benefit in Sue's memory. Love, Janice

allisa jacobs said... #

So sorry to hear of your friend's passing. I love the compasses she made, what an incredible tribute to continue on with that project!

on another note, i love your aussie fabric! where oh where did you purchase such lovelies?

ps. your selvages are coming soon :)

k said... #

To be honest, sewing and quilting don't appeal to me as a hobby BUT I am totally thinking textiles is my missing hobby.

I once met a woman who studied and went into textiles as a career. I'm thinking she was onto something...

Crystal said... #

I definitely shop for fabric when I'm depressed. Sometimes, though, I spend all day putting things into my "cart" and then I'm too depressed to actually buy it. Sometimes it helps to dream and sometimes it helps to click "buy" and have things to hold on to. Either way, I know the feeling and I'm so sorry you lost your friend.

Jennifer said... #

I have battled depression for years and quilting has become a fabulous form of therapy for me. I really think there is something to those creative juices flowing and lifting your spirits. I hope fabric and quilting will be good therapy for you too.

Jennifer :)

Needles And Ewe said... #

It's all about the colors. They can make such a difference in mood. For me, I love looking at fabric but I think the real therapy is in yarn.

Kate said... #

I agree, quilting has helped me through some rough spots.

I love your Aussie fabric. You have to spill the beans...

Terri said... #

I keep missing your posts since my reader is all backed up. I signed up through blogger hopefully I dont miss anymore posts.

PS I love this fabric, I have been tempted many times to purchase it as well.