Tuesday, October 12, 2010

One in Every Color--The Twilight Zone Edition

A few months ago (quite a few months ago), I posted this picture of these great cord organizers that I had purchased.

And then time kind of slipped away. Until yesterday when I looked at the Twilight Zone on top of and below my desk. In my "real" life, I do medical transcription. This means that on my desk, in order from left to right, I have a TV (there are actually some shows I can watch at the same time I'm hearing voices in my head from my earphones. That in itself is a little scary). Okay, so TV, all-in-one printer (because I need the fax), cordless phone with answering machine, computer monitor and keyboard, desk lamp, transcribing machine, cable modem, hard drive, router, laser printer, photo printer. And of course none of this stuff is wireless. Which means this is what it looks like under my desk. So have you ever called the cable company  when you're having problems and they say, "Please disconnect the modem." Uh huh. Like I would have a clue what that cord looks like...

For some reason, yesterday I decided it was time to label all the cords. Baby, it's a jungle out there!  And it's still scary,but they are all nicely identified.

This is the jumble behind my hard drive. Wow, I wish I would figure out something creative that could hide that mess.
And the jumble below my desk.
And because I promised I would get back to our regularly scheduled (quilting) programming, here is something I worked on last night. I can only give you a peak because this part will go back to Christa and she will do the final unveiling. I have to admit a few moments of misgiving when I initially looked at the pattern. All those 1 1/2" strips, all those little pieces. Which Christa spent hours cutting and sorting into sets so all I had to do was just sit there and sew them together. Just let me say that when I got it this far and had it laid out on the floor, 20 by 77 inches, I had to stand and admire how awesome the pattern and fabric color choices were.

It's going to be a bedspread for the cutie on the left.

I seemingly can't get away from technology. What would we do without it? And how would we be able to be inspired by all the creativity out there? (And yes they are both playing with iPhones.) But all the technology frustration I have felt at times this week just went by the wayside when I had a chance to be surrounded by strips of color and then get warm hugs from these two. What else really matters?


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Jennifer said... #

What a great idea! I could use some of those to tame all my cords at work. And they are cute too!

LOVE that quilt top. I can't wait to see it finished!

Jennifer :)

Grandma G said... #

Just the inspiration I need. 'Cause you see, I bought a set of those after you recommended them... and they lay here alongside my computer and cords yet. lol Maybe now I'll follow your example and USE them! ;)

The quilt is gonna be awesome. And I love those 2 little techy gurus. :)

Terriaw said... #

That is a lot of wires! Good for you for color-coding them so you can troubleshoot those technology problems easier next time.

Love your block! I love the way the colors move in a zig-zaggy kind of direction.

Little Lady Patchwork said... #

A stunning use of color!

Thanks for the beautiful eye candy,

The Luedtke Family said... #

As for technology - I just received a new cell phone that replaced my ancient one. I can now text, the iPhone freaks me out a bit. I feel quite guilty my children are used to watching any recorded PBS show of their choice due to DVR. I still strive to not let technology get the better of me! Must be consciously done.

Jen said... #

Your "cord monster" looks just like mine did in our old house! I never did figure out a way to hide it or disguise it either. Then the desktop crashed...and I got a laptop...no more cord monsters!