Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Trading Places

There has some trading going on around here...

If you have been blogging, or even just reading blogs, for a while now, you no doubt have noticed how generous other bloggers/quilters are. When I jumped on Jennifer's destash of pink coriander fabric (perhaps sounding a little desperate...) I may have also mentioned how much I wanted the grey seeds fabric from Flea Market Fancy, which is extremely hard to find. When I received my pink coriander (also hard to find), tucked inside was a little surprise for me--grey seeds! Jennifer has also kindly offered to be a tester for a new item to be added (hopefully) to sewing on the edge.

At about the same time, Amanda Jean also had some grey seeds available (and, no, I don't think it is possible to have too much of this fabric), so I thought a little trade might be in order: a customized pincushion (and was this one ever fun to make!)...

 ...for some more grey seeds.
 And then I happened to mention on flickr that I would love to find some Flea Market Fancy floral on the grey background (I'm sure you notice the trend here--my obsession with FMF fancy, especially in grey, some of the hardest part of that line to track down!) and I got a a note from Chris saying, "This is your lucky day!" So we worked out another trade. A bright cheery pincushion for her (because these colors reminded me of her bright and cheery quilts)...
 ...in exchange for this fabulous FMF floral on the grey background.

And I'm also finally trading in my most loved ruler (on the left), originally available from Judy Martin, quilter and quilt block designer extraordinaire. The most perfect size in my opinion, 7x19 inches. I know that sounds like an odd size but it has served me well for many years. In fact, when she decided that it was not economically feasible to order another shipment of these rulers, I quickly emailed her to see if she had any, any, rulers available. She had two used rulers and I purchased them both. One is now warped (*sigh*--can you say hot car in the Fresno summer heat?) and the markings on the other are nearly worn off from use. Last week I read about Pat Sloan's new rulers (on the right), with the cutting edge that actually sharpens your rotary cutting blade! The size is 6 1/2 by 18 1/2 inches, nearly perfect.

So, thank you to all my dear bloggy friends. Your generosity is overwhelming. And trading is like Christmas to me.

If I could recommend a movie to watch during the holidays, or any time, it would definitely be Trading Places with Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy. Also nearly perfect...

And something I would not trade for all the money in the world:

(although I think Levi is going to have to trade that hat with the pink pompoms and polka dots in for something else...)


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Kris said... #

What great finds! That ruler does sounds like the perfect size. How are you liking that Edge ruler? I'm thinking about buying one...

Terriaw said... #

These are really wonderful trades! I have been doing a little bit of trading lately too. You're right, it's like Christmas, but just a little better. I love doing it, so I'm going to check my stash...

Letterpress said... #

I love reading the narratives about your pincushions and looking closely at all the (hidden) messages you create with selvages.

I've been bogged down with grading and am finally free to do some blog-reading and commenting.

Fun to see!

Kaye Prince said... #

Eeeek! Cindy, you're so lucky! I have been on the hunt for FMF greys too (although I'm missing a few other prints too) and am saving most of my FMF stash until I get a little bit of each one!

I love your pincushions so much by the way and how you personalize them! I've been trying to get my hands on Kaye England salvages (especially from "Basically Kaye") so that I can use them to make something for myself!

JHNickodemus said... #

Trade in for something else hmmmm? ;)

allisa jacobs said... #

Wow, what amazing finds! I swear, FMF is one of the most beloved lines out there....I wish I would've scooped it all up. So happy you've found some to add to your stash :)

Jennifer said... #

Trading is just the best! And you are right, bloggers and quilters are such a kind and generous bunch of people. I can't wait to see what you do with your FMF collection!

Jennifer :)

Amelia said... #

I have found bloggers to be so kind too. Oh and I love that green charming pin cushion!
I came to the quilting party a little late to get some FMF ... can't wait to see what you make with yours!

Anonymous said... #

Lve the pink and grey together. Those pix r too funny.


Marit said... #

Lovely fabric, Cindy!
You asked me about the Debbie Taylor-Kerman pumpkin fabric. I found mine on Fat Quarter Shop. (my e-mail gets bounced by your e-mail provider, so I have to answer your comment here).

Amanda Jean said... #

holy moly, how many grey seeds do you need woman? (just kidding. i TOTALLY know how it goes. :) )