Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Deck the Halls: Selvage Christmas Tree tutorial and giveaway!!

This giveaway is now closed. Thanks for stopping by!

It's true--Christmas is less than a month away! Today I'm a guest at Jennifer's blog, with a tutorial on how to make this cute little selvage wall hanging:
Zipit is generously giving away a $20 gift certificate. An early gift!
I hope you will check out my tutorial, and then leave me a comment here telling me whether you are decorating with traditional colors of red and green, or going out on a (Christmas tree) limb and doing something retro or modern. Pink...aqua...limey green...purple? I'd love to know! A winner will be chosen on December 8.

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Gina said... #

My tree is decorated every year with Silver and glass and blue . It's beautiful .

Joyce said... #

Traditional for me...though some of the gifts I have made included some aqua, my favorite color right now!

quilary said... #

I'm a "red and green" girl through and through - they are the only Christmas colours as far as I'm concerned! Thought I don't mind the odd gold decoration - as long as it has some red or green around it :)

The Luedtke Family said... #

Traditional. A green tree with fabulous and memorable ornaments that are brought out every year. The tree becomes "dressed up" once I wrap my red and gold ribbon around the tree. No tinsel for me. Red and green make up most of my decor!

pajtr said... #

Your your tree is SO cute!!
Thank you for the tutorial and inspiration!... I'm going to do this!!

I like the traditional reds and greens, but often throw in a touch of pinks and lime greens into the mix!
Thank you again,... This is fun!
Pat T.
in Michigan

Jeanne Gwin said... #

Ahhhh Haaaaaaa, another ingenious use for my coveted selvages. Do I or don't I make this into a cute Christmas Pillow. Oh it is so hard to part with my small bitty stash of selvages. We shall see. Thanks for sharing, the pattern is adorable.

Katie said... #

I like a lot of red for holiday decorating. I'm branching out a little more this season and will not just stick with red and green.
Cute tree tutorial!

Elizabeth E. said... #

It's somewhat traditional for me (usually red, green, a metallic, and maybe a blue), but my middle sister is a modern flare junky! I love the tree, but I'm thinking more green and less salvage which will make the salvage look like strings of lights or beads... I'm going to work on that!

Katy Cameron said... #

I'm totally ignoring you on how long it is to go, but I wonder if there's time to fly over and nick some selvedges to make a tree ;o) I don't do Christmas decorations apart from a few little quirky ornaments I've picked up around the world that get to sit on the TV unit for a month or so :oD

Elisabeth said... #

I'm more traditional, but I like to toss in blue and purple, just to mix it up too!

Heather said... #

We have no rhyme or reason to our Christmas colors. It's all just things we like.

Texas JennyWren said... #

I love how charming your creative tree is!! Very nice.

Amy DeCesare said... #

I have cleaning to do before putting up our Christmas decorations, but they will be the traditional ones that we use every year...mostly red and green, plus ivory, and some playful bright colors thrown in.

Unknown said... #

traditional, for memory sake :)

Cathy said... #

I am traditional... it just says Christmas. My daughter has a red tree though. Fun!

Emilia said... #

No colors.....

Unknown said... #

Love your selvage tree! This year, I'm sticking with the classic red and white colors... gotta love that holiday cheer!

Jennifer D said... #

I know we are in the minority here, but we don't decorate for Christmas. I do, however, have a bit of a snowman collection & the children usually make snowflakes w/ glitter to hang up. I have a tiny villao (think "Dickens Christmas") that I put up somewhere.

I lovy zippers! Thanks for this chance to win!

Laura said... #

Red, green and white here, though not the traditional shades of those colors. I'm terrible at describing colors but I prefer a deeper (less bright) red and a kind of sagey (I guess?) green.

Patricia said... #

My tree skirt is burgundy, green, pink and gold. It has a focus fabric of Hoffman poinsettias in those colors. I stay mostly traditional in those colors but my carpet is blue, sigh.

Shar said... #

I decorate mostly in reds and greens. But I have started collecting other colors. And I put these in one room of the house.

Connie Kresin Campbell said... #

How cute! We are traditional with red and green!

Anonymous said... #

Mostly red, but I love color! I love the tree!! Thanks for the tutorial!

~Kelie~ said... #

we will be decorating with all of the above! Red, green, some blue and purple too! Thanks for the chance to win!

BizyStitches said... #

Interesting tree, thanks for sharing. Red and Green is what is used in our home. Thanks.

cakegirl said... #

It's green and red for me with some gold and silver. Thanks for a great giveaway.

Kim said... #

Your selvage tree is beautiful.

Trashmaster46 said... #

No decorating here either, unless I breakdown and get a wreath. Too many cats to do much decorating here.

AJ said... #

We are pretty traditional over here - I love the greenery and red berries. Thanks for the chance to win!

Amy said... #

Adorable tutorial - I've always thought there is a use for the selvedge!

This year my Christmas tree is decorated with royal blue, brown and shades of gold.

Anonymous said... #

Love your little selvage holiday tree. I saw a vest and matching tie made with the selvages while on a shop hop not too long ago. I was so impressed, I took a picture of them! What a great way of using every little bit of fabric. From California, thanks for the inspiration as a vest, while admirable, is way too much for me to tackle.

Peggy said... #

Red and green, with lots of red.

Betty said... #

Love the tree, great use for my selvage stash! And now I find myself making little bags so something from Zipit would help immensely.
Colors? I lean towards chartreuse, turquoise and some red scattered about - just a bit of a twist. Thanks much!

Anonymous said... #

I always stick with the traditional - red, green, gold and silver

Catskill Quilter said... #

We are sticking with red and green! Every year we decide whether to have clear tree lights, or multi tree lights, and this year for the first time we decided to combine the two! No ornaments on yet, but the corner where the tree stands just GLOWS....Happy holidays!

Debra Lee said... #

The whole tree is gold this year!

Vickie said... #

I love things made with salvages, the Christmas tree was very clever! I'm decorating in red and green, same old, same old. Sew, I think I'll go get some new goodies after Christmas when it all goes on SALE!

Mtclifford said... #

Thanks for the tutorial! I do both! The big tree is traditional with red,gold,green and white and the skinny tree in modern with ribbon garland and pastel pink, blue, green and purple bulbs. That way both my hubby and I are happy.

karamino said... #

Traditional for me and thanks for the giveaway! i found it at One Stop Giveaway Shop)

Sis-O said... #

I have used different colors over the years. This year ornaments were buried in garage behind my son & DIL's household goods so...rather than buy more ornaments my DIL and I strung up vintage jewelry and buttons (that I collect) and hung them on the tree.

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