Thursday, March 7, 2013

Really Random, 3/7/13

I don't know why I find it interesting that at least two of the ambulances that are routinely at the hospital emergency room that I pass on a daily basis are Mercedes.
 Target's current philosophy--sounds like a good quilty idea to me.
 While part of the country is covered in snow, and more snow, things are starting to bloom here in central California.
I'm a day or two late taking a picture of this one--the flowers look like tulips but they are already falling off, being replaced by foliage.
 not our daffodils--but I wish they were!
Mark captured this gorgeous tree at just the right time
Two things I was surprised to hear this week:
1. In the category of keeping up with current technology, from my mother, who will be 85 in May: "Today when I was reading USA Today on my iPad...."  

2. In the category of outdated technology, from our grandson who will be 5 this month, after discovering our collection of Disney VHS tapes, which we carefully bought years ago each time a new one was released in anticipation of sharing them with our grandchildren. After opening up the case, with a puzzled expression after looking at the tape, he said "But Grandma, where is the DVD??" Sigh...

During this Lenten season, different members of our church congregation have written short devotionals. Mark's was posted yesterday and you can read it here.

I'll leave you with something to make you smile, from someone who makes me smile.
Your turn.


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Catherine said... #

Good for your mother! Pretty flower pics - isn't it encouraging when spring arrives?

Marit said... #

Oh, all these posts about spring make me so envious. We still have plenty of snow and temps below freezing. It's amazing how much technology has changed the last 20 years! We don't even have a VHS player any more. How great that you mother uses a pad. My 82 yr old grandma does the same and she loves it. The first thing she does every morning is see if my mom or I have posted anything on our blogs:) And she complains if it's too long between posts!

Lucy | Charm About You said... #

Beautiful flower pictures! I still say 'watch a video' and then have to correct myself. I can't believe how good kids are with technology, although my nan is on the internet at 94 so it's clearly not just the young ones :)

Pomegranate Quilts said... #

Mark's devotional brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful and true prayer. Thank you for sharing it.

Nancy@owensolivia said... #

Hilarious! My kids will never know what a rotary phone is or a floppy disk. The list can go on! Looks like you are having a good week. Mine is stressful and so, so busy! I should have four quilts to show by the end of the month. Crazy huh? I think so.

Deb@asimplelifequilts said... #

I love your spring pictures... it will be several weeks before I see anything like that outside my window! I have a collection of VHS to get rid of too, how silly of me to think that they would last another generation.

Brenda said... #

Hi Cindy: Thanks for sharing your husband's devotional. I clicked on the link to the church website and saw lots of Menno stuff that looks familiar. the distance between Fresno and Winnipeg isn't big in the Menno world!

Needled Mom said... #

I kept all of my VHS tapes for the ame reason. Who knew technology would change so quickly. I still remember the big old cassette tapes. LOL I also love it that the seniors are so open to the new technology. They could be out of the loop without moving forward.

Thank heavens for Mark's mentors and how nice that he has acknowledged them so beautifully.

Carla said... #

Lucky you! It snowed all day here yesterday : (

Carol said... #

Totally with you on the VHS Disney films. Have a pile sitting here that I collected for grandchildren and no technology left to play them on:)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said... #

So lovely to see that it's sunny somewhere!

Susan said... #

Pretty spring flowers! At least an ambulance riders go in style! Could you get your VHS tapes converted to DVD? Or would it be too expensive?

Scrapatches said... #

Hello ... I wandered in from Janine's blog and I love the randomness, the "Quilting With No Applogies" concept, the cute kiddo, the pretty flower pictures, the beautiful quilts ... so I am now a follower and am joining in and enjoying the random ... Thanks! :) Pat

Chase said... #

Now, I wish I lived in CA! We have so much snow from last two days! Love your daffodils. I didn't find any in N.D. maybe it is still too early to have flower blooming in this part of country~

Katy Cameron said... #

My 88 year old gran has an iPad, I don't lol Oh well, I'm embracing other technology that she'll never master (and I'll keep telling myself that ;o) )

LIttle Penguin Quilts said... #

Your adorable little guy really did make me smile! Thanks for that! We are going shopping for an iPad for my 82 year old mom tomorrow. Good for them!

Debbie said... #

Cute about your mom! And we have all those Disney "non-DVDs" too. Thanks for sharing the devotional too....nice that your husband joined in and shared...

Emily H said... #

I too was touched by Mark's devotional. Thanks for letting your light shine thru your blog. You live out II Cor 3:3 well.

Paulette said... #

I had to smile about your mom's comment. My dad is 81 and taking his first computer class. Beautiful signs of spring there - it gives me hope that the snow will melt here soon and by this time in May we will be blooming too!

Krista Schneider said... #

A bit jealous of your springtime weather!

Terriaw said... #

I am so jealous that you have blooming trees and daffodils! We're still buried in snow, so I can't remember how long it's been since we've seen green grass and plants. Here's my random fact to go with yours: when we lived in Colorado, the Aspen police drove Saubs and BMWs.

Sarah said... #

Random response - in Australia our ambulances are Mercedes vans too. I love your pictures of blooms too. Everything is dry and fried here.

Mama Pea said... #

Oh, he is so cute! Our grass is greening up, but there is nothing even poking out of the ground yet here. We have had such a cold spring.