Thursday, March 28, 2013

Really Random Thursday, 3/28/13

Are you on spring break this week? I'm not. (insert *sigh* here...)

I just bought this t-shirt (from here).
Mark is getting this one:
This little guy celebrated a birthday this week. We all walked to the local Baskin and Robbins the other night.
Why is she growing up so quickly?
Mark read about a girl band called the Accordion Babes Revue so we went downtown to check out their concert. They all played multiple instruments, but there were a few times when all five of them were playing accordions.But I couldn't get a good picture of them on the stage.
 Happy mail. When you place an order with Oakshotts, they arrive all the way from England in two days! (And once in a while they offer free shipping.) I love the label on that blue fabric--it says "handmade by master weavers".

Our daughter-in-law's photography skills are amazing. I thought of her when I saw this t-shirt.
I jumped on the Bloglovin' bandwagon in anticipation of Google Reader's demise.

And no... I don't have 256011 followers.

But I do have the button on my sidebar for your convenience. You know, just in case you are totally addicted to weekly randomness...

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Lucy | Charm About You said... #

I love all those t-shirts!! Gorgeous Oakshotts! Adorable grandkids too, looks like fun :)

Susan said... #

Your grandchildren are adorable! And I am very, very envious of those Oakshotts! Looking forward to seeing what you create from them!

Grandma G said... #

When did Charlotte turn twelve?! ;) Love that little birdie mouth!

Paulette said... #

Funny t-shirts! Accordion Babes sound very interesting. Did you like them? Your grandkids are so cute.

Needled Mom said... #

Great t-shirts!!

That anticipation photo is priceless. Don't you just hate to see the kids growing up so quickly?

Deborah said... #

Adorable pictures of your grandchildren!! When you sweep up your Oakshott scraps I can offer them a good home!

beaquilter said... #

LOVE that T shirt, that's why I can NEVER spell WEIRD!! I always use spell check on it..... also since english is not my first language :-)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said... #

I love those T shirts! Such a shame children grow up so fast x

Scrapatches said... #

Linking up again. Adorable grandchildren. The "anticipation" face is precious. Thanks for sharing ... :) Pat

Mrs Flying Blind... said... #

Love it all!

Katy Cameron said... #

Bwahaha, love that t-shirt!

Pomegranate Quilts said... #

These pictures are so precious. I bet you KNOW it's a gift to live close enough to take your grandkids out for ice-cream, right? It's beautiful to see you all enjoying each other :)

Deb@asimplelifequilts said... #

No spring break here and we are buried in snow anyway! Your grands are adorable and I love that Minnesota shirt.

Cathy said... #

Your grand babies are so cute! Love the oakshotts!!!!!!

Carla said... #

I open my mouth really big like that when I'm anticipating ice cream too!

Betty said... #

I love that you can walk to the ice cream store and enjoy accordian music at the downtown cinema - sweet post! And the next time you see that Oakshott is offering "free post", please sing about it on your blog - I'm hoping it was an "end of Quarter" thing and will check back towards the end of June - who knows?! I so want some Oakshott.

FlourishingPalms said... #

Everyone seems to be going with Bloglovin', but I'm sticking with the Atom RSS Feed option that I have used since day one of subscribing to blogs. Can't figure out why everyone doesn't use Atom RSS Feed as it's super easy to read a post that comes right into your mailbox! And the post doesn't even come into the main part of the inbox (at the top), but rather into a separate section. Everyone likes to GO someplace else to read blog posts. Why is that? Love all your randomness, by the way. There are some fun-reading T-shirts out there.

ChristaQuilts said... #

Hey congrats on the Modern Bee Book by the way. Just heard about it on Ellison Lane Quilts. I hope you'll be blogging about it soon and telling us all more about it!!

Mama Pea said... #

I love the Oakshotts. Will have to try them sometime.