Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Musings: Crushing on Instagram

I'll admit it--I spend more time than I should on social media. I don't do Twitter because I just don't get it--always feel like I have interrupted an ongoing conversation.

Facebook? I only have an account because my blog posts automatically post and some of my friends read the posts via FB. Other than that, I would probably cancel.

But Instagram. Ah, Instagram. That is my social media platform of choice. I have read several times about the loss of blog readership and blog posts due to Instagram and I have to admit that IG is fabulous for the very reason that you can post a picture, ask a question, and get a lot of immediate feedback. Easy and quick. Someone likened it to walking down the street and just waving at your friends and saying hi as you pass by, and blogging as stopping in for an actual chat. When I saw the short videos a lot of IGers were posting at the beginning of the year via, I was intrigued.

Last week, sent out some analytics that were a lot of fun.

The first picture I posted (I'm amused that they call it a birth certificate). And it was interesting to notice that the first picture involved knitting, not quilting!
The first person I followed, and she followed me back. Hi, Christina Lane!
My most liked photos (the same ones on the video)
A summary:
And one of my favorite stats, where everyone is from!
Do you Instagram? You can find me here: @liveacolorfullife


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Val's Quilting Studio said... #

I have no idea...blogging is my only social media. BTW...If my grandson were to ask me in 10 years to go on the upside rollar-coaster I'd go too...I'd literally cry!!! LOL but i'd go!

The Luedtke Family said... #

Nope, I do not Instagram. Don't know too much about it. I am not sure if it would be any easier for me, as my phone does not internet well.

Terri said... #

I like Instagram too, but I'm more of a stop-and-chat kind of person.

Sara said... #

The only thing I don't like about IG is the fact that my Android doesn't take very good pics and there isn't any good editing tools on IG to fix that. I think I HAVE to get another app for editing---not happy about that. Other wise for the last month or less that I have been on there, I think it is good. I need maybe more friends for inspiration---I am a sucker for soaking up more inspiration and nosy to see what others are doing out there in the world LOL I will you to my list though on IG:)

Jocelyn said... #

My daughter put IG on my phone when she traveled to Australia last year. It was so great to keep up with her travels. So yes I am IGing now too. Sort of started out slow, but I am seeing more and more quilters and designers on there. But truthfully I have no idea what is

Carla said... #

Just started, but you already knew that ; ) I do miss some of my favourite bloggers who have stopped because of IG

Lorna McMahon said... #

I am a bloggy kind of quilter. But I feel like I am missing out on a great party over there!

Anita said... #

That's very cool! I just read media, but my 7 yr old granddaughter is on Instagram, tweets and has a Facebook page with followers! Too funny, so will have to catch up with her :)

Erin Quinn said... #

Nope. I'm a blog girl. I attempted to download Instagram (just so I could put the butotn on my blog, really) but it doens't work properly on my phone and doesn't work at all on my iPad or desktop. So I've decided it's not for me. I'm not a big fan of flickr either. I already spend too much time on blogs, pintrest and facebook, that I'm happy to be missing out ont he insta-goodness :-)
E said... #

I agree with the fun of IG and the loss of blog readership.

Celtic Thistle said... #

I am on Instagram and I do like it but I can see hours of my life disappearing down a black Instagram hole so I don't post too often!

Susan said... #

I too am a recent convert to Instagram. I tend to post different types of photos on IG but keep my blog for my sewing. But I do love the immediacy of IG!

Mary said... #

It is very addicting!

Katy Cameron said... #

Well I call foul, there's not a dot anywhere near me... ;o)

Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said... #

oh very cool! I'm going to hav eto check out those stat features. I'm just now getting into IG so I feel like I have so much to learn. :)

Janet said... #

I just signed up for IG today. I don't know too much about it. I need to tutorial, I think to help me out. I had thought it was much like a Pinterest account but my daughter mentioned that my thinking was off. I hope to get up to speed on the process.

Sarah said... #

Yes, I just joined Instagram this year and I follow you. You can follow me too at sarahkrothe and see what I'm making. I lie seeing all the creativity out there, but I still love blogs more coz that's where I get to know people better. I just don't have time to write one and so joined IG so I can share my making and life with you all there.

FlourishingPalms said... #

Love IG, as you know. So glad I figured it out. I wouldn't be without it now. But I'd never share my stats as you've done. My numbers are paltry. You win the popularity contest, hands down! :-)

Mrs Flying Blind... said... #

Funny thing I heard on TV recently, was that the continual checking of facebook, twitter and instagram is as mad as keep opening your front door to see if anyone is there!
I really only use instagram when I am alone in the house ;)

Carla said... #

Oh yes! I love Instagram too! I looked at my stats and started just 20 days after you, on November 28, 2011. But sadly, my stats haven't been updated since February of 2013, and they have apparently been updating them since about a month ago when I first looked but have not been successful :(. Instagram can be addictive, but takes much less time than blogs. My blog reader is rather neglected, as is my blog, yet I do love them...