Thursday, February 6, 2014

Really Random Thursday, 2/6/14

I'll start with the most unusual item first. My cousin and her husband were on a show called Billy Bob's Gags to Riches. 
It's a reality show where people pitch their novelty items to Billy Bob in hopes that he will turn them into millionaires. (Think about all those plastic buck teeth.....)

Anyway, she had left a Facebook post about it so I set the DVR and we watched it over the weekend. My cousin, Beth, is really awesome, along with her twin sister, Gwen. They live in Oregon and both of them are way more adventuresome than I am, that's for sure--ocean kayaking, etc. I like to walk around the neighborhood.
Their product? It's a strap to use when you are out in the mountains and need to do your business, and then don't want to fall backwards into it...

Even though Billy Bob thought it was a great idea for everyone into what he called "extreme hiking" , he rejected it as too one-dimensional. Just a personal comment--I actually find anything that involves more than a mile or two into the forest and back "extreme hiking." Just sayin'

We finally had some rain on Super Bowl Sunday. It was fabulous. And a little cooler. But most of our days have looked like this. My neighbor across the street always sits on her driveway to soak up the sun on those nice days.
I bought a new ironing board cover at Road2California. This is my all-time favorite. It's a little pricey as ironing board covers go, and not as cute as one made with fun fabric, but it is great! They are usually sold at quilt shows and but you can also get them online. It's funny how excited I was to have one of these again.
These shoes need to live in my closet. Actually there is a video tutorial on how to make them and it looks fairly easy. Lots of possibilities...
These boxes were at Michaels.Where is the orange box?
Isn't the quilty theme for the Sochi Olympics amazing?
Cutest Starbucks card...
Cutest stamp...I got it here.
 The MCC charity donation quilt is back from Mark's cousin, Ione. It is amazing, all Oakshott cottons and Robert Kaufman black organic cotton. And huge. 116" square. My immediate goal is to get all that binding sewn on in the next week and then have it photographed.
And then I discovered an app called Waterlogue, which turns your pictures into watercolor paintings.

One final thought.
Your turn.


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Lorna McMahon said... #

That Waterlogue app is so cool! I can see how it would be addictive. The Sochi display makes me want to do a diamond quilt next! Really enjoyed seeing you girls enjoying the sun in the driveway. Happy Thursday!

Val's Quilting Studio said... #

I agree...thanks for sharing the ap!!! I too was only worried how addictive it could get...but will be trying it out! :) Happy Day!

Val's Quilting Studio said... #

I agree...thanks for sharing the ap!!! I too was only worried how addictive it could get...but will be trying it out! :) Happy Day!

Val's Quilting Studio said... #

I agree...thanks for sharing the ap!!! I too was only worried how addictive it could get...but will be trying it out! :) Happy Day!

Susan said... #

Love your Swoon Oakshotts! Enjoy the rain- I know you need it!

FlourishingPalms said... #

Oh, I sure enjoy sunny days of sitting in the driveway with a neighbor. For that reason, I've always wanted a front porch, but have never had one. Glad to know you got a little bit of rain. Heard a PBS radio program about California's drought. I think that in the next six months, all of us will be feeling the pinch of it in the cost of our milk and produce. Is the ironing board cover for a traditional ironing board? I'm guessing so, though I'll be sure to look it up. I have my own homemade, duck cloth-covered big board that sits on a table. Those tennies look awesome, but I wonder how they hold up. Are you going to give a go to making them for yourself? I sure enjoy your randomness. Great job, Cindy!

Katy Cameron said... #

Hmm, not sure I'm convinced about exciting ironing covers, but the quilt is looking fab!

Paula@TheSassyQuilter said... #

Hi! Glad to find you here randomly:) and link up! Love that going to check it out. Lots of cool stuff here! Thanks.

Paula@TheSassyQuilter said... #

Following on Bloglovin:)

M-R Charbonneau said... #

That last saying made me burst out laughing. So true! I really want someone to make fabric out of the Sochi designs.

Sara said... #

How nice to have great neighbors that you get along with and you can actually enjoy an afternoon with sitting around relaxing:)

Oh that quilt is sooo pretty!!

Terri said... #

Wow, I can't remember the last time I sat outside and soaked up some sun. What a treat! I love that heart Starbucks card too.

Carla said... #

That app is amazing. What great cards that would make.....
Your cousin sounds like a riot!

Kacey said... #

Love that cool watercolor app!

Carla said... #

You crack me up! But your she takes the prize!!

OPQuilt said... #

I guess I have you to blame for losing HOURS of my life to that addicting Waterlogue. Actually, I have you to thank--I'm having a fun time!!

Yes, love that quilty theme. Love it love it.

Celtic Thistle said... #

The Waterlogue app looks amazing!

diegoagogo said... #

OMG!! Your cousin is a genius!! What a great idea. I can see these catching on for travel in countries with squat toilets. If you have something to attach it to, your'e good to go!
Worthing, UK

charlotte said... #

Love your wine glass picture as a water color.