Monday, September 15, 2014

Choose Your Own BlockAlong, 9/15/14

Welcome to this week's edition of  Choose Your Own BlockAlong.

Two things I know for sure about my block-along:

1. I am going to love this quilt.
All blocks are from Tula Pink's City Sampler Book. 
Block 5

 Block 6
2. It is not going to be the stash buster that I had hoped for.

How have I collected so much red and green fabric?? It may not look like much here but there are six stacks of fabric!
Starting this week, we will have a linky so you can show your progress and see what everyone else is up to. Please only link if your post includes at least one block in a series you are working on.

 Also, don't forget to check the progress of Rene' and Michelle.


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Michelle said... #

Your blocks are looking great!!!! I hope you are right about it not being a stash buster... I hope to use all C + S in my City Sampler quilt, and I don't want to use all of it ;-)))) Thanks for setting up the linky for us. I'll link up once I remember how to...haha!!

Terri said... #

I love seeing your progress along with Michelle's and Rene's! It's great fun to see all the red and green fabrics you're pulling from your stash. I haven't started my project yet ;( I still have to get template plastic to make the templates for my Marcelle Medallion. That's my excuse ;)

Andee said... #

I am loving this blockalong, it is funny how knowing a few others are also working towards a project I am more motivated to work on mine! Plus, two blocks a week is doable and these blocks are pretty quick to make one at a time! :)

Carla said... #

Lovely blocks. I tried to find time for some this week, but we were away again.
Did you get my private message on IG ?

Vicki said... #

These are great blocks. The red and green are fun.

Linda said... #

Your blocks are beautiful!
I'm glad you're leaving the link-up open for a bit. As soon as it is light enough tomorrow I'll take some pics of mine and post. :)

Rene' said... #

It's fun to see these blocks in Christmas fabrics. It's hard to use up your stash with such small blocks I am finding ;-))

~Niki~ said... #

Christmas fabrics! woo hoo!!!!

FlourishingPalms said... #

I know a few other quilters who have made these blocks, but yours is the first one I've seen in Christmas colors. You're planning for a finish THIS December, right?! It's gonna be beautiful!

Katy Cameron said... #

It'll be that inability to say the 'n' word in the fabric shop that did it for those piles I suspect ;o)

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

Isn't it funny how stash buster projects can actually not use up that much of your stash? Guess I should really stop hoarding so many of my favorite fabrics.