Thursday, May 21, 2015

Really Random Thursday, 5/21/15

Last Thursday Mark and I left for the central coast of California, in a raging rainstorm. All of you who live in places where you have actual "weather," in other words, it isn't sunny 355 days a year, will think this is quite mild. However, when we came back and checked our rain gauge, we had over an inch of rain. That is a lot of rain in drought-stricken California.

This picture was taken on an actual freeway, not the carwash (for those of you who remember that I sometimes drive through the carwash pretending I'm in a storm).

The sun behind these clouds was so very pretty.
Friday night we had dinner at a restaurant Mark had heard about. It is at the very end of a long wooden pier.
With a beautiful view.
This sign made me chuckle.
Really? Just look at this sweet little face.
I always end up taking pictures from our room at various times of the day or night. Usually from the very same vantage point. The mornings often start out a little overcast.
Then the fog lifts and it is sunny.
And ends with a beautiful sunset.
The public works department for the City of Pismo is apparently doing some maintenance so they had spray painted a lot of identifying markers on the streets and sidewalks, indicating the sewer lines and water lines, etc. But when I saw this on the sidewalk, my first thought was, "What? Where?"
Naturally I had to come back and use it for a photo op.
What has your week been like?


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Leanne said... #

That is a lot of sunny days, I think I might miss the weather changes. I love the photo of your block.

The Colorful Fabriholic said... #

Lovely photos! Enjoy the rain (but of course it's not so fun to drive in!). I love the photo pf your block on the marked pavement!

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

I love the idea of taking the same photo from the same vantage point at different times of the day. Why haven't I done that? And the sidewalk pic is just too too perfect to pass up. You're so funny to have taken that shot.

Terri said... #

Happy to hear you got some rain! We used to run outside and stand in the rain when we lived in Western Colorado - wonderful! Hope you enjoy your weekend on the coast. We spent our week in NYC, which was so fabulous.

Celtic Thistle said... #

We would be happy to send some rain your way, we have more than enough to spare :)

Val's Quilting Studio said... #

My week has found me in a slump...bummer! LOL!!! But with rain comes this too will pass. PS I use to live in Arizona and remember how refreshing is was to get a change in weather!!

OPQuilt said... #

I love that "sew" with your beautiful rosette. Really, they should spray paint your design on their sidewalks--now that would really spiff up the city!

Carla said... #

I'm so glad that you are back to sharing your great random posts so often, Cindy. Enjoy your rainy days!!