Thursday, May 21, 2015

Really Random Thursday, 5/21/15

Last Thursday Mark and I left for the central coast of California, in a raging rainstorm. All of you who live in places where you have actual "weather," in other words, it isn't sunny 355 days a year, will think this is quite mild. However, when we came back and checked our rain gauge, we had over an inch of rain. That is a lot of rain in drought-stricken California.

This picture was taken on an actual freeway, not the carwash (for those of you who remember that I sometimes drive through the carwash pretending I'm in a storm).

The sun behind these clouds was so very pretty.
Friday night we had dinner at a restaurant Mark had heard about. It is at the very end of a long wooden pier.
With a beautiful view.
This sign made me chuckle.
Really? Just look at this sweet little face.
I always end up taking pictures from our room at various times of the day or night. Usually from the very same vantage point. The mornings often start out a little overcast.
Then the fog lifts and it is sunny.
And ends with a beautiful sunset.
The public works department for the City of Pismo is apparently doing some maintenance so they had spray painted a lot of identifying markers on the streets and sidewalks, indicating the sewer lines and water lines, etc. But when I saw this on the sidewalk, my first thought was, "What? Where?"
Naturally I had to come back and use it for a photo op.
What has your week been like?


  1. That is a lot of sunny days, I think I might miss the weather changes. I love the photo of your block.

  2. Lovely photos! Enjoy the rain (but of course it's not so fun to drive in!). I love the photo pf your block on the marked pavement!

  3. I love the idea of taking the same photo from the same vantage point at different times of the day. Why haven't I done that? And the sidewalk pic is just too too perfect to pass up. You're so funny to have taken that shot.

  4. Happy to hear you got some rain! We used to run outside and stand in the rain when we lived in Western Colorado - wonderful! Hope you enjoy your weekend on the coast. We spent our week in NYC, which was so fabulous.

  5. We would be happy to send some rain your way, we have more than enough to spare :)

  6. My week has found me in a slump...bummer! LOL!!! But with rain comes this too will pass. PS I use to live in Arizona and remember how refreshing is was to get a change in weather!!

  7. I love that "sew" with your beautiful rosette. Really, they should spray paint your design on their sidewalks--now that would really spiff up the city!

  8. I'm so glad that you are back to sharing your great random posts so often, Cindy. Enjoy your rainy days!!


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