Monday, March 14, 2016

The Name Game: Green Groves

I'm trying to feature "green" names for the rest of March so I'm very happy to have Karen Groves here today from @greengroves.

How did you choose the name for your Instagram account?
Karen's sister made this logo out of scrapbooking paper for her etsy shop

My husband and I met at college in Ann Arbor, Michigan, which is a beautiful town full of trees and happiness. Our last name is Groves, so when we were first married we thought it would be really clever if our email address was "arborgroves" since it incorporated the name of the town we loved so much, with a play on words with both words meaning "a group of trees." We later changed email providers and had to come up with a new name.  We decided on "greengroves" which was even more fun for a number of reasons. It still conjures the image of a nice clump of trees, it has a nice alliteration, and we are both very earth friendly people so "green" is a good descriptor.
"Lil Scrappy" mini quilt for a challenge to only use scraps--Karen's kind of quilting!

Were there other names you considered, and can you share them?

Scrap yarn was used for all the polka dots
All my friends were talking about how amazing Instagram was, and I was dying to join in on the fun, but alas, I did not have a smart phone or tablet.  When my friend upgraded her phone she gave me her old iPhone. I told her I didn't think I would use it because we weren't going to switch plans.  She said, "You can use it with wifi. You can join Instagram." Well hello there, gimme that old phone! The first thing I did after I downloaded the app was check to see if the user name "greengroves" was taken. I was so excited to see that it was not. It was meant to be! So no, I never considered another name and feel very grateful that I was able to stick with my favorite alter ego.

A scrappy baby quilt made for Karen's nephew, Henry

Confetti--more scrappy recycling
Now that you are known by Green Groves, are you happy with it or do you wish you could change it to something else?
 A quilt made entirely of selvages (Note: You KNOW I love this one!!)
Remember these?  Paper chain made from Starburst wrappers. Repurposing!
I am very happy with it.  I think it suits me perfectly. I love the great outdoors, nature, and trees. Also, as a crafty person, I strive not to create any waste with the projects I do, and nothing makes me happier than to make something out of other people's scraps and cast-offs. If any crafter could be called "green," I sure fit the bill. So, I am happy to be @greengroves. Yay!  
Stamp art--stamps are too pretty to throw away!
Be sure to check out Karen's Instagram feed, @greengroves, and also her Etsy shop!

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Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

Such a great name for someone with the last name of Groves. It would be fun to have a name that was associated with something tangible like groves of trees. Love her stamp collection too. I keep a jar full of cancelled stamps and the florals are some of my favorites.

Susan said... #

What a pretty array of stamps! They are inspiration in themselves!

Needled Mom said... #

Thanks for sharing her story. I always love meeting new bloggers. Her name suites her perfectly.

Carla said... #

I like her quilts! Cute paper chain too

Rachaeldaisy said... #

It was lovely to meet Karen and see her wonderful recycling creations. I love the starburst chains, I've never seen them before. It's fun that you're doing a series of bloggers names with Green as the theme.

Unknown said... #

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