Monday, March 28, 2016

The Name Game: Springleaf Studios

I'm super excited to have Anne Deister here today from SpringLeaf Studios. Anne and I have been in the same bee for a few years, and last year at QuiltCon 2015 in Austin we were roommates! We got along so very very well.

Standing in front of her quilt at QuiltCon--I love this picture. :)
Then in July, Mark and I went to a reunion in western Kansas. Fresno to Denver is the best connection for us, and on the way home, Anne and her husband, Justin, had dinner with us near the airport.

How did you choose the name for your blog?

It took me forever to finally decide on a name for my blog. I knew right from the start that I eventually wanted to design and sell quilt patterns so I factored that into the decision making process. When I finally landed on SpringLeaf Studios it just felt right. I love leaves. I use leaf motifs in the decor of my house and take photographs of leaves everywhere I go. 

Green also happens to be my favorite color, especially bright yellowy spring greens. As for the 'spring' part of the name it's not only my favorite season but had the added bonus of offering great visual imagery. Leaves bouncing up and down on springs. This image of springs really helped sell me on the name SpringLeaf Studios. If I could animate my blog I'd have the leaves bouncing up and down just a little. For now though I settle for fabric leaves hanging from spring coils in front of my studio window valance.

Were there other names you considered, and can you share them with us?
Recently, I was cleaning files and came across the list of names I was considering. I very briefly thought about using some form of my own name. Even though my name is Anne, many people pronounce it Annie just because of the e on the end. I thought perhaps I could play on that with something like Annie's Obsession or Annie's Studio, but decided it's just not really me. Other names that popped up repeatedly used words like simply, chickadee or fresh in them. It seemed everything I came up with at first was already taken. That's what happens when you come to the party late but it all worked out for the best anyway.

Now that you are known by SpringLeaf Studios, are you happy with it or do you wish you could change it to something else?

SpringLeaf Studios is totally right. I'm quite happy with it and love that I've been able to turn the leaf design into my avatar as a visual means of identity and branding.
I think naming can be one of the hardest things about any endeavor. My problem now is naming quilts and patterns. Besides the blog name ideas, I also found a list of words I like as potential quilt or pattern names. Glad to have come across that list as I think I can put it to use soon with some new patterns later this year. 

Thanks so much for inviting me to play the Name Game with you Cindy. Meeting you online and then in real life as QuiltCon roomies has played a big part of my quilting journey. Thanks ever so much for your friendship. I means the world to me.   : )

And it means the world to me as well, Anne!

I highly recommend checking out Anne's Color Inspiration series. There is a tab at the top of her blog page. Scrolling through all her gorgeous pictures will be time very well spent. You can also follow her on Instagram (@springleafstudios).


  1. How fun! I never associated the "spring" in her name as any other than the season, and now that I have, I get a smile because of "leaf springs" ...a big deal around our house, as the boys "lift" their Jeeps :) I love Anne's designs!

  2. Anne's blog is one of my favorites. Like her, green is my favorite color and spring is my favorite season. And her quilts and designs are just wonderful!

  3. Thanks for featuring me Cindy. I can't wait to get together again in real life.

  4. I enjoy reading how everyone came up with their blog!!

  5. I love everything Anne makes! And green is such a great colour! And such a clever name too!

  6. Anne is so amazing, so it's great to read about her name here!

  7. It is so nice to get to know Anne a bit better. I love her work AND her name! Spring greens are my favorites too.


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