Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Mad for Solids: It's Time to Vote!!

I was recently invited to participate in a fun event for Paintbrush Studios by Fabri-Quilt. I sew a lot with solids and so having the opportunity to sew with a new-to-me line is exciting.
I received a color card for Painter's Palette Solids and could choose any eight. That's almost overwhelming to me. You know--kind of like when you are in a candy store and you know you can only choose a couple of pieces and there is so much and they all look so very tasty. Yes, kind of like that.
I ended up with these eight:
Aren't they pretty? I love the saturated colors, along with the two neutrals, and just know when I pick the perfect project, they will all play very well together.

There are 16 of us altogether in the competition (and you can follow everyone's progress on Instagram by using the hashtags #madforsolids and #solidsbracket2016).  Today is Round 1, Day 4 of the competition. You can go here to vote and if I win, I move on to the next round, very much like the NCAA March Madness, which crowned a winner last night.  Aside from choosing our eight colors, we got to pick the name for our palette. And because my son and husband have been avid March Madness maniacs for years, I went very literal and have named my bundle the Elite Eight.
My colors are:
(Top row): 121-014 Grey, 121-011 Mist, 121-073 Sangria, 121-061 Wasabi
(Bottom row): 121-030 Bordeaux, 121-039 Jade, 121-054 Tangerine, 121-060 Sulfur
You can read more about the competition here, see the formidable competition I'm up against, and follow along with the voting so far.

And why should you vote? Besides the fact that it's fun, the designer of the "Best Bundle" will receive 1-yard cuts of their bundle. And even better, two voters from the Championship game will be randomly selected to also receive cuts of the winning bundle. So vote for your favorite and you just might win some fabric for yourself!
Go team!


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The Colorful Fabriholic said... #

Beautiful palette! I suspect some serious skill/training/experience in color merchandising in your background. Selecting colors that sit well together is actually very hard, and you nailed it!

Jayne said... #

I love your colors! It was hard picking eight (just eight!), so many to choose from! You will have my vote!

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

Your palette is one of my favorites. You know I love me some great strong color.

Paige said... #

What a beautiful bundle! Good Luck!

Farm Quilter said... #

Of the four palettes presented today, yours is my favorite!!! Good luck!!!

OPQuilt said... #

These are great colors--you'll have fun sewing with these fabrics-- great quality!