Thursday, April 28, 2016

Really Random Thursday, 4/28/16

I got a new phone. Which required a new case. Thanks to Shutterfly...
Mark and I were having supper the other night on the porch of the storage shed Periwinkle Cottage, when I noticed a plastic egg left over from the Easter Egg hunt. We decided M&Ms were safe to eat, even though they had been outside for nearly a month. You'd do the same thing, right?
Is there a person or group on your bucket list to hear live in concert? Mine has always been James Taylor. He's coming to town in July and we have tickets!
This is what happens when you slip off some low baseball bleachers--a black eye. He corrected me and said it wasn't black, it was red and purple. And by now it is green and yellow.

But those eyelashes...!
As you read this, I am probably on my way to my friend's cabin just outside of Yosemite, for our annual quilting retreat. I made this as a thank-you gift for her. Perfect, right?
Charlotte spent a little time on the sewing machine this week too.
As she reminds me frequently, she is passionate about pandas, and made a little pillow.
I'm taking an online photography class and snapped these the other day.

You see the baseball hat she's wearing? Yeah, her daddy loves the Dodgers. So he laughed when I showed him this.
And because it's always wise to be prepared...


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Lesley said... #

Do you know the fabric line for the panda martial artist?

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

That tote is perfect for your retreat location. I love mine and mean to make a couple more soon to hold my CD's. Have fun and get lots of sewing done.

Needled Mom said... #

Love the Yosemite Bag!!! Very clever. That's a nice shiner. Our four year old grandson has one that looks like that too. Such pretty colors. ;-)

It's nice to have a budding seamstress in the family.

Barb Neiwert said... #

We saw James Taylor and Carole King in concert together here - amazingly great concert! You'll enjoy him so much.

Carla said... #

You are braver than me Cindy! Eating 'found' treasure......
What a cutie with his black eye......yellow : )
Enjoy your retreat!

Unknown said... #

Mine would have to be Bruce Springsteen... or Tim McGraw... they don't come across the pond very often...

(And james taylor too... very jealous of those tickets!!)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said... #

Your grandchildren are so cute and the bag you've made looks great. And that Mothers Day sign made me laugh out loud! I hope you are enjoying the retreat :)

Vicki W. said... #

This is late, but ... James Taylor was definitely on the bucket list! My now -husband and I drove from San Diego to Vegas (and back, no overnight stay for us!) to see him, and he was a-maz-ing!! You know who else had a good show? Harry Connick Jr. I think that man drank four Cokes onstage, one after the other. Now I am waiting to see Celine Dion, just for the guilty-pleasure-ness of it ;)

OPQuilt said... #

Sounds like you'll have a fun time at your concert; glad you were able to get some tickets. You guys do quite a few concerts--good memories, all. I forgot to comment on the last post about your cute Yo-Sew-Mite basket. It's very cute and apropos to that retreat!

Anonymous said... #
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Anonymous said... #
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