Thursday, June 2, 2016

Really Random Thursday, 6/2/16

It's June. And here in Central California, it's sizzling. I'm really not ready for the 106 and 108 degree temps predicted for tomorrow and Saturday. Fortunately then it will cool down to a balmy 104 degrees for a couple of days. Yikes.

So my brother was here last week. He is high up in the Federal Reserve in Washington DC and we don't get a chance to see him that often, so having him here for a few days was such a treat. And he was here while the weather was still pleasant. We had dinner outside and celebrated our mother's birthday.
It proved to be impossible to get all four kids looking at the camera at the same time.
My baby brother. :)
Time for some fun.
Mark and I decided a day at the coast was in order on Sunday. The thing is, when it is hot in Fresno, it is often gray and cool on the coast. Sweatshirt weather. Pure bliss.

 It is also the ideal climate for flowers.
On the way, we saw camels. Yes, CAMELS! Why?? Isn't that strange?
Sometimes you need both of these mugs--on the same day.


I would put this on the wall in my sewing room. I wonder what Target does with these things when they begin a new campaign.

Truth #1.

Truth #2.
Hope your week is a good one.


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Needled Mom said... #

I love your random posts. Those last signs are perfect!

I would love a little of your heat as we are having those foggy mornings. I'm ready for the warmth.

Happy birthday to your mom. She is such a pretty lady. Glad that you had a great get together with family.

Rochelle aka Bella Quilts said... #

So enjoy these musings, the funnies and the kids. Grew up in Taft and Bakersfield and the beach was the "go to" place whenever we could, especially the summer. Morro Bay was our preferred place. Camping and playing on the beach. Thank you for sharing

Val's Quilting Studio said... #

So many things in common this week...we just bought the SAME bubble in a bubble fan toy annndddd I just saw the operate a grandparent sign today at Joannes and laughed. Happy happy bday to mom.

Sue said... #

I loathe hot weather and I'm so glad it's winter here! Love those mugs - I MUST get some

lindaroo said... #

Mom's birthday + brother visiting + kids playing = bliss.
The "freak out" mug will always have a place in my cupboard!
Camels? So weird. I'm glad you stopped for a picture.

Unknown said... #

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Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

Your mom is so sweet. Nice that your brother was out and you could all celebrate together . . . even if four kids didn't cooperate for photos at the same time. They're still stinking cute.

Afton Warrick said... #

I've asked about Target displays. The employees at mine said they get broken down and thrown out, and they can't give them away. Shucks, because they have some really awesome ones.

Best Game for US said... #
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