Thursday, January 31, 2019

Really Random Thursday, 1/31/19

I thought 2018 zipped by. Is 2019 going to come and go in the same way?

Last Thursday and Friday, Janice and I went to the Road2California quilt show. We had such a good time checking out all the vendors (I was amazingly restrained in my purchases, although I confess to now being obsessed with zip pouches and other items made with thick industrial wool felt). We were able to spend a few minutes with Elizabeth (not nearly enough time...).
We saw her quilts up close and personal, and they are stunning. Photographs do not do them justice!
Northern Lights Medallion

I didn't take very many quilt pictures. This quilt by Christine Perrigo has always been one of my favorites. I have seen it at QuiltCon, and again this year at Road2CA, where it deservedly won a ribbon (isn't it nice that the ribbon color coordinates with the quilt?)
Ohio Snowball
This is an idea I would like to explore with my many scraps: Spin Cycle, by Janette Kirby.
Per usual, the men's bathrooms were turned into women's bathrooms.
Another higlight was getting a few minutes to chat with Carrie Hanson, who quilted my red and white quilt a couple of months ago.

She was demonstrating in one of the booths, and was really busy so we didn't get to spend as much time together as we had hoped.
 Carrie is also a breast cancer survivor, and she has been an incredibly supportive friend. At least we had a few minutes to chat.
All the entries from the yearly challenge by Cherrywood Fabrics were on display. Last year the theme was Prince.
This year the theme is Bob Ross. I really wanted to buy the challenge fabric bundle for Amanda Jean, who is a huge Bob Ross fan. But it's so NOT her color palette, and it was kind of pricey. So I just snapped a picture to send her.
A new addition to my sewing table, a mug with images of vintage patterns from the 1960s.
The evolution of my iPhone cases. Now I have a rather boring black case that I need to attach my extra camera lenses. I liked these quilty cases SO much more.
My dear friend, Julia, told her grandmother about my breast cancer diagnosis. I have never met her grandmother, but she took the time to crochet this afghan for me. As a maker, I love giving away things I've made. To be on the receiving end feels amazing.
Do you choose a "word" every year? I have done this sporadically. I can't even remember what my word was last year. This year I have chosen "focus."
Earlier this week, my radiation treatments began. One of the many things I never knew before is that you are tattoooed with tiny, permanent dots so that the machine delivering the radiation can be aligned precisely each and every day. It's a very "focused" procedure. I'm glad for that precision. In a broader spectrum, I want to focus on finishing some old projects and sewing/quilting for the pure joy of creating.

When I turned over my first appointment card from the Fresno Cancer Center, I was treated to this very quilty design. It confirms that I'm in the right place for my care.
A few years ago, I started meeting our son, Aaron, for lunch about once a month. One time I thought it would be interesting for each of us to answer a series of questions I came up with. I was going through some paperwork in my office (yes, I'm in the midst of Kon Marie-ing the house). I found those questions, from March 5, 2012. Here are a few of them. (A = Aaron, C = me).

Favorite color: A - blue, C - orange

An award you are particularly proud of:
A - Valedictorian at Fresno Pacific University, service award at Pacific University (note--this is where Aaron attended optometry school)
C - typing awards

What other profession would you enjoy: A - Cal Fire, C - cruise ship

If you could live somewhere else for three months, where would it be?
In the United States: A - Alaska, C - Boston

International: A - Sweden, C - Great Britian

If you could own stock in any company, what would it be? A - Apple, C - Apple, Disney

If you could be famous for something, what would it be? A - some invention, C - quilting

If you could change one thing physically, what would it be? A - taller., C - straight teeth

I'm really glad I found these. It's a fun and easy way to learn some things about people you are close to--you might get some surprises!

These two--pretty cute.
Charlotte made the 7th grade basketball team. She seems quite focused. Maybe she chose that word this year too. :)
Aaron had a little conversation with 5-year-old Ella when he was tucking her into bed the other night. I'm so glad he shared it with me. My heart might have melted just a little...
Speaking of bedtime...
And remember this book from last week?
This cartoon was in the paper this morning.Haha...
I saw this on Facebook yesterday. A record-breaking arctic blast is occurring in a lot of places. The high in Fresno was 67 degrees. So yeah. This is pretty much us here in California...


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Mh said... #

Just found your blog. Inspiring and funny; a good combination for life.

Rene' said... #

I love reading your Really Random posts!! You are so clever in weaving the various events into a cohesive flow! Nice to meet up with friends while viewing gorgeous quilts! How amazing is that pink crocheted afghan??!!!! Glad you had a wonderful week! Hugs

Charlotte M. said... #

Yeah, Cindy those tiny dot tattoos are a permanent reminder. But I made my kids laugh when I told them I had tattoos now.

OPQuilt said... #

It was so fun to see you at Road To California. Thank you for writing up about our visit and my quilts – you are right: Our visit was not long enough. I love seeing all your random things this post. It’s fun to get a peek into the edges and corners of your life, and the things that are going on with you. You are always in our prayers and thoughts and we wish you well in this process.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

I've never seen an afghan with words. It's gorgeous and I hope it keeps you wrapped in good vibes all through your treatments. Wishing you well. PS I didn't sing to my kids either as I can't carry a note.

Needled Mom said... #

I'm so glad that you made it down to Road last week. Looks like you had a great time.

Your afghan was such a lovely gift. You will treasure that forever.

I hope your treatments continue to go smoothly. Are you going to make the quilt on the back of the card? I hope no one asks to see your tattoos.

Loved the idea of the questions. That was a great idea.

Run 'n Stitch said... #

I sure am sorry about your diagnosis. I know you are a fighter and you will get through this. Thank you for sharing your Road photos. I didn't make it this year;-(. Don't you love having a great relationship with your son. Life is so much richer when you share it with your adult children and your grandchildren.

Robby said... #

Such great words for you on that afghan! So glad you got to go to Road, and shared it with us. And no matter how nice a person you are, there is something a teensy bit extra enjoyable when you're someplace warm-ish in winter when you're seeing others talking about frigid temps.

beth s said... #

I enjoyed your post today. I really like your idea of lunch once a month with your son. Sounds like a good goal for me. :)

ConnieG said... #

Prayers for you. Never been to Road2CA, maybe next year.

Unknown said... #

Hah! Love! The business card. The quilts. The Ella text.

pcquilter said... #

What a beautiful afghan! Remember to apply cream even though the burn hasn’t started yet! I’m glad I didn’t have tattoos -would have looked funny on my face! Keep smiling!

Anonymous said... #
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