Thursday, August 10, 2023

Really Random Thursday, 8/10/23

Hello, August. Inching closer to cooler temperatures. I'm always hopeful that they are around the corner, but in reality it will probably be October before it feels cooler. 
Books I read in July: Continuing the series by William Kent Krueger and I continue to enjoy it. Hello Beautiful was an interesting book. The Great Unexpected was really a wonderful book. The rest were just okay. 

I've been trying to sneak in one-on-one "dates" with grandkids before school starts. Ella and I spent a morning at Color Me Mine, with lunch from McDonald's. No surprise there.

Levi requested Chipotle and Cold Stone.

Gabe had requested a place neither of us had been before, Fatburger. The name was apt. The burgers were greasy and the fries were not great. We won't return.
Three down, one to go. Charlotte and Christa were at a Taylor Swift concert (envious...), so I'm hoping she will have time in the next couple of days.

I decided to sell my beloved Barbie doll. I had hoped to pass her to a granddaughter. However, no one is expressing any interest. Not even with the current Barbie mania. So I'm thinking of striking while the iron is hot. I got my one and only Barbie--no Ken, no Midge--for my 10th birthday, November 1962. The back story is that we had a really annoying chihuahua, and not a lot of money (my father was a minister). So my parents said if I agreed that they sell the chihuahua, they would buy me a Barbie doll. Other than some green discoloration around her earlobes from earrings (I'm finding out that is common), she is in pristine condition. Also, I didn't realize how many store-bought outfits I had--not sure where the money came for those.
Grandkids seem to think in the interest of coming full circle, whatever money I get from the sale should go toward buying a dog. Haha.

A couple of weeks before the cruise, I spent an entire day changing so.many.passwords to avoid having duplicates. Ugh.

We have a summer kids club at church. Mark gathered a lot of glass scraps and the kids each made a little piece of fused art. They turned out so great.

This would be a perfect t-shirt for our son, who tracks the info on nearly any plane flying overhead.

Anyone else relate to this? Currently I still prefer staying home and watching the service stream live on YouTube.

This is just funny. It's for real--I checked it out. 

There is no way this will ever be a good idea.
And finally, sorry this is blurry, but I did not make this up. I got a text from Mark's brother, Pete, who works for the city of Driggs, Idaho. He got a call the other morning: "Hey, there is a bull by the playground." 
And that's it for the first week of August.


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Anne / Springleaf Studios said... #

Those fused glass pieces look like a scrappy quilt when they're all together. So fun. I'm proud to say I never owned or played with Barbies. Good luck selling yours.

Bonney said... #

THAT's the Barbie I had. The only one. I really wanted the blonde ponytail that Everyone had but that's the one I got. Where are you going to sell her?

Susan said... #

Love seeing your Barbie. I too have one. Mine is probably from 1964. She had the same red swimsuit but ash-blonde hair worn in a high ponytail. And I also have the same red velvet coat and pillbox hat. Do you have any shoes? They seem to be what got lost! Are you selling her on eBay? I'd love to know if you do.